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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tipsy Is Helping Me

I am tipsy. Yeah. But I'm not drunk.

I know where I am going. I can put the tips of my fingers with no problems. I can recite the ABC with no mistakes. But I kept on typing incorrectly.

I decided to do this post today, coz I feel that I can express myself better when I am drunk or tipsy, to be exact. As a proof, sentences are coming out perfectly as I walked myself home.

Now with an SML can beside me to keep me tipsy, I can continue writing.

This is the night of Daughtry. The American Idol. The breakthrough non-idol winner with such Billboard number 1 hits. I dressed up with my fave OUTDOOR orange shirt and headed for Cubao MRT. As agreed by my officemates.

6 PM was the call time. They are still in Boni. One was waiting for the train. The other was still at home. I sent a message to the officemate at home "Ateh, hindi sa Araneta ang concert. Sa Eastwood!". No pressure. That's what she (yes, both of them are she's!!)

Gulp Gulp.

Since I thought they'd be taking a lot of time. I decided to go to SB Araneta. Where my clanmates were actually doing a little bonding session. (Yes, I am a part of a clan - a G4M clan. I won't tell what clan it is. It is for you to find out). There they where. I grabbed a chair. Did the usual chitchats. Boyhunting sessions. Da who portions. And everything that bisexuals and gay men combined together can do (exclude the ORGY and everything that comes before that).

We were seated outside SB Araneta minding our own business. There was a pair of guys next to our table. About 2 meters away. They were talking. I never really paid attention to them. In fact, I never really did care. Whatever they talked about, they did or whatever crossed between their table was out of my business.

Then out of nowhere, a friend of them came. *Gulp* I recognized him. It was my former officemate. The friendly side of me made me stood up. Walked towards him and grabbed his elbow. He recognized me. "Oi. Kamusta na" "Ok lang" After those sentences, my head looked to the guy on my right. Shet, I recognize you. Fuck. My EX!

Hi. Hey. Oh musta. Long time no see ah. Uu nga eh. Musta ka na. Oh my God. My ex in front of me. We talked. No bitterness. No heart feelings. All light. All smooth. Took a chair. Sat down. We chatted like no one was there. Just the two of us. We exchanged numbers. And the talk went on again. It is as if nothing happened. I asked him. Oh nakailan ka na? I mean ex? Dalawa pa lang. Ikaw yung una. Ah. Eh ikaw? I never answered. Marami na no?

Kailan nga pala yun? Di ko matandaan eh. 2005? Hindi. Ang pagkakaalam ko graduating ka nun eh. Nag-aaral pa ako. Uu. 2005 yata yun. Ok sige 2004. He he. O ayun nga.

Everything was so smooth. NO questions about why we left each other. What went wrong. All that ex issues crap. Everything was so light. *Gulp gulp gulp* Everything just turned out well.

Until the time came. My officemates were already waiting. In front of the Araneta center. Bid farewell to the clan. Took my Ipod from one of my friends. Went to the other table. said goodbye to my former officemate. Said goodbye to my EX. Actually, kiniliti ko sya sa side. My usual way of saying goodbye. (My former officemate nga pala didn't know I was bisexual. I guess that's what I thought. But that doesn't really matter anymore. He's gay. I'm bisexual. Sooner or later, he'd find out. Our world's governed by six degrees of separation.)

I ran toward the Araneta Coliseum front. There they were waiting on a cab. I rode the cab. And off to Eastwood.

Let's get this part quick. *Gulp Gulp* Yes, I am gonna brag about Daughtry. I just love his bald head. And the facial hair. My fetish. And his voice. Heaven's gift to mainstream rock. Or pop-rock. Whatever. he sang the best songs. Over You. It's Not Over. Home. All These Lives. Breakdown. What About Now. Feels Like Tonight. Used To.

There was a part where he requested every camera present to take a shot on his count. Four Three Two One. Then he'd pose. Then all cameras were flashing. Such a great concert. The next time he comes back, I'll be on front row. Fighting my way for the drumsticks, his towel or even the feel of his hands. And perhaps being sprayed by the water. THE CONCERT WAS A BLAST. Btw, I think I saw Bianca Araneta. OMG, goddess indeed. Shet!

Can't get over the concert, we decided to drink. Headed to IL Pirata. Took a table. And then the menus were given. Hey. You. Waiter. Shet. Gwapo mo! Grabe. Damn. Nice chinito eyes. Nice skin. And the braces. You may not have facial hair. But damn, OMG. Shet.

Ka-badtrip nga lang. Straight mode ako. Kainis. Whenever he passes by, I'd look at him. He looks back. I can't sustain the look. He he. Mahiyain ako eh. Pero whenever I get the chance. Go. I'd look at him. I just can't make the move. I'm with people who thinks I am straight. Waaaah. So kinausap ko yung friend ko na may kakilala doon. Babalik tayo dito. With bekis. Make me drunk. I'll get your number. I'll make YOUR night! Give you what you want! Ha ha. *Gulp gulp*

During those times when we were drinking and me trying to make a connection (with that waiter), someone was sending me a message. Some unknown guy. Turned out to be my ex's friend, who was in SB. He liked me. He invited me to drinking sessions but I declined. Because I am already in one and I knew what will happen next. In some of his invitations, he included, "tabi ka sakin matulog." He even sent me a message asking me for SEX. He reasoned out that it was sent wrongly and it was his friend who texted.. damn. Oh cmon. Don't fool me. But then, he is kinda interesting. I just didn't notice him that much coz I was talking to my EX!!!!!!! Ha ha. *Gulp gulp*

Then the session ended. I think we were the last people to leave IL Pirata. With no name. No number. Nothing, Just a memory of his face. Waaah. My next target. HIM!

Here's a thought for you. What would you do if you meet your ex? Or if your ex's friend is interested in you??



erin de la cruz said...

I suggest that you go for the waiter. Saka na lang yung kaibigan ng ex mo. =) Since I haven't had a chance of having a partner, let's just put it this way, what if nakita ko yung nanligaw sa akin, ano ang gagawin ko? If gwapo pa rin, lalapitan ko siya at siyempre, chat ko siya ng peytal. Never na siyang makawawala. Hahaha!


enegue said...

which ex? hahaha the recent one? i'll run for cover hehe

Mugen said...

I'm cool with both my exes (girl and boy). Wala lang, parang friends lang kami.

Flowing ang thoughts mo kapag lasing ka ah. Masubukan nga minsan.

Looking For The Source said...

<< erin >>

yeah! go for the waiter. antayin mo akong bumalik yan, waiter. lagot ka sakin sa CR. sa langit ang punta natin! choz.

<< eugene >>

hindi. tagal na. 3 yrs na yata..

<< mugen >>

we are good nmn. no heartaches. he he...

try mu rin. kasi pag tipsy/drunk ako, maingay ako eh. so siguro gnun..

Chyng said...

with my ex? i'll give him 2% na smile!

ex's friend? eeww, ayoko maging part pareho ng buhay nila.

btw, kalabitin moko when you see me sa SB Araneta or Eastwood ha!

cheers! (--,)

joaqui_miguel said...

If I meet my ex? Hmmm... Well, actually I frequently see my supposed ex almsot everyday and we don't talk with each other even if we literally bump into each other.

If my ex's friends are interested in me? Well, modesty speaking, they actually are. I just brush it off because they are not my type. lol

Let's go for the waiter! :) hehehe Our waiter in Pizza Hut in Katips earlier was really cute. Nice smile, beautiful skin and a very nice body. If only I was brave enough to leave my number together with the tip. lol

Looking For The Source said...


i was wondering, how dyou do a 2% smile?

cge pag nakita kita sa SB Araneta or kahit saan... he he...


supposed ex?? ha ha...

im not interested in him as well. he gave up. ha ha.

yeah. i so LOOOOVVVEEE cute and gwapo waiters. ewan ko. basta... Pizza Hut Katips? Hmmm.. makakain nga...

sabi ko nga pagbalik ko ng IL Pirata, kariran mode na eh.. wahaha

Yffar said...

iinom mo na lang yan mare ng kape...