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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Male Twins

was checking on my officemates zune when i came across his pictures. he's not gay nor bi. he's actually straight. and has a family. a beautiful wife and two goodlooking kids (and i'm not gonna talk about how cute his kids are, talk about pedophiles! choz!). there were several family pictures taken in a studio where they were all in white. all happy. all smiles. and all poised and ecstatic for the camera.

and it came to my mind. gusto ko din mag-ka-family. i wanted kids. i don't wanna adopt one. kasi feeling ko parang hindi ako yun eh. i wanted kids na galing sa genes ko. from my lineage. from me. i want them to get some of my features. of my mom's features. and some more. i wanted male twins. although they aren't as easy to handle as baby girls, they are, i think, less magastos. eh babae, andaming ka-kikayan. pero with the society today, aba parang mas maraming pang ka-kikayan ang lalake (minus the napkins and tampons!). but i don't want them to grow up like me. well siguro wag lang effem. (e parang gurl n rin yun eh). basta. sometimes, it comes to my mind na gusto ko rin magka-family.

eto pa. although i am not pressured about passing my last name to the next generation. i kinda feel it. my eldest sibling, which is my sister, already has 2 sons. they won't get our last name obviously. they are a happy family. my brother, which is next, has a daughter! she would, by-law, carry our last name. but when she gets married and have kids, her kids won't have our last name. in short. katapusan na ng last name namin! well, at least sa family namin. eh pano kung hindi magkaanak ng lalake ung kuya ko? (not obviously him, but his wife, for the love of God!) patay ako nyan!

waaaah. i-legalize ang cloning! yun ang solusyon! i remembered misterhubs' post (happy father's day). na-touch ako dun. sana pagdating ng gnung taon, when trips to mars eh isang tumbling lang, eh pwede na yung gnun...

hayz. kau? wanna have kids too?


enegue said...

ako i want to have children in the future, pero not necessarily from my bloodline. ang daming mga kids na walang magulang, iniiwan for adoption, so bakit pa kailangan magdagdag? and besides, naniniwala ako sa chaos theory hehehe

Mugen said...

Waaah, pareho tayo. Our bloodline would end with me. Wala naman akong balak magkaanak, pero given a chance.

I want twins.

and I want them to be boys.

and their names would be
Joem Endymionne
and John Paul Alexis. :)

erin de la cruz said...

OMG! Nice names ha! Ako? I would love to have children, too! Kaso ayoko mag adopt. Gusto ko galing sa semilya ko.

I want my children to be mestizos or mestizas. Well, actually I prefer two males. =) Kung females, why not naman. They're God's blessings.

So gusto ko ring mag-asawa.

Anyway how do the names Santoro De La Cruz and Alfonso De La Cruz sound?

Looking For The Source said...

<< eugene >> hayz. ah basta ayaw ko mag-adopt. maliban n lng kung hot ung bata. choz. pedophile ba ito! wahahaha...

<< mugen >> see the pressure? di man sabihin sau, ramdam eh. weee. pareho tau gusto ng male twins. havent thought of names yet. andami kong naiisip eh. pabago-bago. ung naiisip ko combination ng names ng cute guys. ha ha ha.. anyways, my brother's name is john paul (******). he he...

<< erin >> sakin basta galing sakin. (ako daw ang magbubuntis! echoz)

So gusto ko ring mag-asawa.
>> eto ang hindi ko sure.

i love the alfonso. hmmm.. pwede rin alfonzo. give it the habla espanol feel. he he.

joaqui_miguel said...

Good thing I have 2 brothers who are both on the way to marriage, I think. Plus, my dad has 3 or 4 brothers with a bunch of family-name cariers. Whew! That's less stress to worry about.

As for the kids, I like a girl and a boy. The boy will be named, Julian or Sebastian or Joaquin Miguel. lol For the girl, I like, hmmmm... Ryan. A guy sounding name for a "kikay" girl. Nice. hehehe

Chyng said...

ang cute, my mga naisip na talaga kayong names! and strange, i always thought you guys wanted GIRLS na baby..

nwey source, ano ba surname mo at feeling mo magiging history nalang cia? hehe

and you can never tell.. malay mo maging daddy ka.. by choice and by fate! (--,)

Looking For The Source said...

<< joaqui_miguel >>

ha ha ha. buti ka pa. sana nga magkaanak ung boy ung wife ng bro ko. go go go...

JULIAN.. i so love this name... (love thyself)...

<< chyng >>
wahaha. i aint telling my last name. he he he. i think you already know my first name. (?)

by choice >> and with this d'you mean "pikot"? choz!