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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


was making my steps bigger than usual. according to my watch. i only have 45 minutes left before for my work time starts - and by experience, i needed to take a cab...

and so i hailed a cab (wait! does the word "hail" sound very glorious or godly? it's like summoning the gods of Mt. Olympus!). while we were driving to work, we got into the "taxi-talk" (and i brand it "taxi-talk" - i just noticed that whenever a taxi-talk happens, it's always about the same topic!)

and then the taxi-talk goes on and on (apparently, the driver is an expert!)

talked about call center jobs - on how we hurry to work coz we got to be on the phone on time, on how much we earn, on what the benefits are, on our social lives, and his experiences with call center agents as his passengers...


MD (stands for "manong driver"): ilan na asawa mo?

Source: wala "pa" po. (have i just made a decision that fast?)

MD: ah.

Source: (pwede ba i-rewind? bawas ung "pa")


MD: san probinsya mo?

Source: wala po akong probinsya. pinanganak po ako sa (****) eh. lumipat po kami dyan.

MD: anu yon, may bahay kayo dyan?

Source: wala po. nagrerent.

MD: ah gnun...

MD: san ka ba galing? (what he meant was, where is my house located.. i would usually walk from our house to the place where cabs stay and wait for passengers)

Source: dyan po sa (****)

MD: ah, sa may (****)

Source: hindi po, sa tapat.

MD: ah, sa may tapat ng (****)

Source: opo.

MD: ah ung malapit sa (****)

Source: sa loob pa po.

MD: sino kasama mo dyan, "chicks"?

Source: ah hindi po, family ko.

Source: (chickboys pwede! he he)

MD: ah kasama mo pala mommy mo.

MD: ay ang ibig kong sabihin mga magulang mo...

(nothing was said until we reached the office)


erin de la cruz said...

this is funny. Sana may ganyan din akong experience. hahaha

Looking For The Source said...

you should ride the taxi more often... he he... they are sometimes fun to talk to... and you'd learn something from them too...

MINK said...

ingat din lang LFTS,

ive heard several stories na minsan holdaper din sila, God forbid...

God bless

Looking For The Source said...

<< mink >>

ive heard din na meron ganun... saka meron daw ung may pabango sa car tapos makakatulog ka... then rape...

kung gwapo c driver.. aba why not? joke!