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Friday, October 31, 2008


This was one of the songs (and one of the best) they played before they concluded the Cream! Halloween Ball feat. Above and Beyond last night...

Satellite [Original Above & Beyond Mix] - Ocean Lab


My love is like footsteps in the snow, baby,
I follow you everywhere you go, baby.
The pain as light has come to wake you
But you will never realize
That I inspire the dreams that guide you baby.

I follow the winds that bring the cold, baby,
I light a fire in your soul, baby.
The lightest touch of feathers falling
My love may be invisible
But I inspire the dreams that guide you, baby

You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.

Your singing satellite

You say a prayer
You say a prayer

You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.

I follow the winds that bring the cold, baby,
I light a fire in your soul, baby.
The lightest touch of feathers falling
My love may be invisible
But I inspire the dreams that guide you, baby

You're a half a world away
But in my mind I whisper every single word you say.
And before you sleep at night
You pray to me, your lucky star, your singing satellite.

This song is for YOU!

The party was a blast. It was more like an extension of the Philippine Fashion Week. I'm really fascinated with the party people that dressed up for the Halloween... You'd see angels and demons, Pharaohs, Kings, Vikings and even a Queen (i still she or he's portraying Queen Elizabeth!) Also present were movie characters... And don't forget the yummy Father (as in Pari!)! Haha. And Lady Gaga was in the house! Ha ha. And don't forget the people we see everyday... the grade school boy (that was you! - nice meeting you - finally! [no drops for you! ha ha ha]), the bellboy (Paolo Ballesteros - eeew! So gay!) and his "security guard..." and almost every citizen you'd find in a community! 

I was supposed to take a picture of them the party people na nala-costume, pero nahiya ako. Saka I was busy partying! Ha ha.

NEXT! Armin Van Buuren!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ha ha.

My new banner.

Still looks crappy. But hell, I'm happy I was able to make one.

Still have a lot to learn about Fireworks and Photoshop.




that's not me! ha ha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


quorum sensing is a behavior ng microorganisms enabling them to communicate and establish their population is a certain area. its more of bacterial communication through the use of quorum sensing compounds like autoinducers and pheromones. these are concurrently associated with the formation of biofilms. scientists are looking for inhibitors para hindi sila makapagcommunicate and dumami. example is p. aeruginosa, occurs in low numbers in our body but due to quorum sensing dadami sila, magiging biofilm and pwedeng maging cause ng disease. so a solution to that is by the use of quorum sensing inhibitors and scientists are still in search of potential QSI's... ayun... 

- I can't believe I posted something like this sa isang thread sa G4M. Ha ha. Anyways, the thread is something about Biology yata. Ayun. God, I suddenly missed Microbiology..

- Post ng walang matinong maisip na i-post. Commercial lang... :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


i thought this day would be as normal as i could possibly imagine. with the usual deliverables, calls and reports. nothing can make this different.

as i was going through what i am supposed to do... someone came and asked us to log off our PCs, take our belongings and go down. i wondered what was the order about. i noticed, everyone was packing up too. stuffing their things into their lockers and gathering on the elevator platforms. 

and so we followed. as we got into the elevator and as it went down, we were suprised to a multitude of employees waiting outisde the building. but what stood up among the crowd are the uniform clad men with the letters S-W-A-T at the back of their jackets.

just as i thought. a bomb threat. ok. so where do we go? i started looking for people. my former teammates, my batchmates and  just basically everyone i know. 

and we spent more than 3 hours of "petiks" mode. and as every agent was happy about being in this situation, i was kinda worried that my reports are piling up. and i would end up rendering OT to finish them. but hell, what can i do?

so i just sucked it up. and had fun. it was a night of bonding... like a company camp-out.. or an intercompany camp-out.

at some point, i wished there was an explosion. (well after everybody has been safely evacuated). just so as to make it more exciting. (bad bad!)

ayun lang. 

(you might have seen this in the news. gma. abs-cbn. rpn. were there. ha ha. sweet short exposure... i wasn't interviewed. never!)

(and as expected. the police always comes late...)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Formula


i planned on getting drunk specially at this VL-allotted night. an event held on malate's hottest bar. and getting laid was always an option. so after meeting a couple of friends at araneta and pedro gil. off we go. the crowd hasn't thickened the way it should be. but at that moment, i can feel the energy. meeting a few folks here. meeting a lot of guys i missed. and being introduced to some other guys around. i was set to have a good time.


we went out, momentarily. to buy cancer sticks. and by that time the crowd has already blossomed into full spring. nevertheless, we tried to push our way into the crowd to get in the other side of the bar. i noticed that i can feel my earphone cord being lifted. thought it was just hooked on to something. but then as we along trying to get into the seemingly unpassable crowd, a strong pull was made with my earphone. being overly annoyed by what happened, i took my earphone and traced it til the end. unfortunately, it did end.


instinctively my hand reached for my left pocket. fuck. shit. oh my god. fuck. and like a hand with its own brain, my right hand reached for my right pocket. fuck. shit. fuck talaga. 

"shit. yung ipod and phone ko. shit. shit talaga."

i panicked. shit. shit. shit. its not so me panicking in these situations. i have been known to stay calm in most situations. but hell. yes. i am panicking. i am freaked out. and i am panicking. i rushed to the stairs. went up. passed through the hallway and went out. thinking he might be out there somewhere.


i had another friend call my phone. not available. shit. this is shit. i was holding my earphones on my right hand. i was so angry and frustrated that i threw my earphones away. towards a pile of trash. and had not decided to get them. where am i gonna use it for anyways? it turned out that i just one of the few people inside who'll be leaving without a cellphone. the only difference i s, i'll be leaving the place without a cellphone and without an ipod.


as more friends knew what happened. i realized some of my friends were in the same boat too. time to build a lost cellphones club. damn. and at that moment everything just started going into my mind.

"sana mamatay na sya in 5 days" (and i specifically said 5 days). 

"sabihin nyo nang masama ang sinabi ko, pero mas masama pa rin sya."

it even came to a point that i said...

"sana pati asawa nya. anak nya. mahal nya sa buhay. wala akong pakialam. kung demonyohan lang ang laban, hindi ko sya uurungan.."

someone even joked by saying

"eh pano kung walang asawa un? beki pala?"

"eh di mamatay na bf nya!"

questions came..

"why does it have to happen to me..."

"what if i never came to this place.."

"what if... why..."


that night i decided to really get drunk. and a glass of blue frog did the job. plus the sounds and the moves helped. every now and then they'd hear me say "shet. phone ko..." shet... ipod ko" "fuck tlga... fuck tlga..."

i would reach on both of my pockets and i get nothing. a hollow space on the left. change on the right. 

up until this moment. as i write this post and recall that night. every now and then, i'll say those words. i'll be asking "what if's" like a prayer done over and over. 

was not even able to concentrate at my job last night. every now and then i utter the same old words. i'd try to get over it by saying "o wala bang ipod dyan?" "may binebenta bang disposable ipod dyan?"

i slept in a friend of my friend's house after the party. and on our way home. before we rode the jeep, i said...

this is... 

worse than a break-up...

final thoughts...

i've been in this shit before. it's my third time. but i guess this third time struck me the hardest. one, i wasn't even drunk when i was stolen. second, as others would say, "look at the bright side, there always something good in everything that's happening.." i can't think of any. and third, haven't had my phone and ipod for even a year!

or maybe i'm just overreacting. but hell. losing a phone (5310) and a 160 gb ipod video. and being single for this long. no, it's not overreacting. i'd rather go through a break-up than having a severe headache and a severe longing for things that has become literally your companion and has been taken away from you... more like a part of you has been taken away..

short rave!

and Z. hindi pa ako naglalandi non, ok?

Friday, October 17, 2008



my withdrawal syndromes 

worse than a break-up

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Text Twist Vol 2.

This is fun...


Murder for a jar of red rum

Never odd or even

No lemons, no melon

Nurse! I Spy gypsies! Run!

Party Booby Trap

Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Yo! Banana boy!

**Happy Thoughts**

Monday, October 13, 2008

On The List!

Quick Lang...

Two events to fill me up before the year ends!

Cream! Halloween Ball 
feat. Above and Beyond
(sana maayos ang sound system nila no!)

Back to Back concerts!
Rihanna and Chris Brown
who'd would want to miss this!
Tickets can be purchased around half the actual price before Nov 1!!
Sino pwedeng kasama dito?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Day

"Now I am calling it a day. I don't know, maybe I should also "call it." Some things are just not meant to be. Things happen, you think you feel something, you hope he is feeling the same way, but the in the end you tend to realize, it is not the way it is supposed to be. Not everything is going to go your way. All the time, it wasn’t that way. No matter how it hurts, you tell yourself, it's ok. You be thankful for having R****** complete your day. And as usual, life goes on. The world moves on and so should you."

- The day I stopped believing in love at first sight.. or first talk.. 

and it always boils down to expectations.. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Just another day of a writer...
Sept - Oct 2006
From my first Starbucks Journal...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naturally Boundless

i found this question in one of the conversations (one of the best conversations i had) i saved last year...

Although love is boundless, why would you define love outside its own natural definitions?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

10:11 PM

the guy i talked to said that he can never get serious with a guy. thinks that thinking of guys makes the person so gay. and he said that it is predetermined that he can't love a guy for his moral conscience will creep into him once he's in a relationship, thus leaving him no choice but to break up...

he believes in love within the boundaries of "social" acceptance or else you'll get rejected or hurt. and you'll feel the pain...

can you first tell me how love is defined naturally?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The ATM Monologues

Mga ilang eksena, hindi naman totally nakakainis, well.. nakakainis lang pag araw ng sweldo! He he he...

May quicksand ba ang bag mo?

San ba nakasuksok ng todo todo ang ATM mo at mas matagal pa ang paghalungkat mo sa bag mo sa pagwithdraw mo sa ATM? You had all the time to get it tapos ngayon mo lang kukunin now na its your turn na? C'mon, pwede pumila ka na lang uli tapos don mo simulan halungkatin ang bag mo?

May TV show ba dyan sa ATM?

At ano naman ang pinapanood mo dyan at nakatitig ka lang? Hooked na hooked ka ah! May Eat Bulaga ba dyan o Wowowee? Pumindot ka, hindi nangangagat yan! Nangangain lang... ng card! Ha ha! 

O ginawa mo naman keyboard yan?

Magbasa muna kasi bago pindot ng pindot. Kung di mo maintindihan English, may Taglish naman. O kaya Tagalog. Don't tell me Chiinese and German lang alam mo? Excited kasi masyado sa cash eh. 

Milyones ba yan ha?

Aba't panglimang withdraw mo na yan? Balak mong ubusin ang pera sa ATM? O hindi pa naman alas-3, baka gusto mong mag-over-the-counter na lang? Di naman milyon ang i-wi-withdraw namin..Italic

Di yan dadami...

Hala, balak mo pang mag-magic? David Blaine ba kamo? Balak mong dumoble ung pera mo dyan sa ATM. Naku, hindi nya kaya yan. Baka gusto mo ikaw ba ang mawalan ng pera, kakatitig mo sa screen ng ATM? O baka matunaw ang resibong tinitignan mo?

Wag pilitin!

Kung ayaw ng ATM... wag pilitin... At kung hindi kaya ng laman sa ATM... mas lalong wag pilitin!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Concert on the Run...

Instead of getting through the details of how i got there and the zigzag and the crap, let me get straight to the point and tell you more about what happened and what we have observed during Chicane's concert...

Is it a gaypride event?

As we were going through our usual boyhunting sessions, we noticed that there were more gay-slash-bisexual-slash-discreet-slash-whatever-they-categorize-themselves people than straight ones. Although some guys have brought their girlfriends with them, more guys brought their "girl" friends with them. And even discreet ones never failed our gaydars. But hell, most of them are hot. 

Cigarettes were not sold inside.

Of all the things you should lose in a party, one would be cigarettes. And they are not sold inside the event. Maybe they are trying to avoid fire, perhaps? Or cigarette DUST! Duh!

John Boy's music played longer than the concert.

He started playing 10 pm up until Chicane started to perform. And that was around 12 or 1 am, the he continued playing after Chicane finished. And that's until... I dunno... we left early...

And this is the worst part...

The sound system... or BigFish? or perhaps WTC? or Chicane? (i doubt its Chicane's)... got busted! 

When they entered the stage, everybody was so excited. Everybody was yelling. When they started doing their thing, everybody was enjoying. Dancing with the beats. But after a couple of songs, the speakers hanging on both sides of the stage started sounding like it can't handle the loud sounds... more of like a busted-slash-defective-slash-overused-slash-cranky second hand set of speakers... and so they stopped. The party people started woo-ing... Not because of Chicane, but because of the damn speakers... So Chicane, went off the stage, the sound system was checked and all that...

A few minutes after, Chicane went back the stage. Started bringing the crowd back to the  level of energy when Chicane entered and started playing. When everybody thought that was just a minor technicality in their system... Whapak! It wasn't! It happened for the second time....


At that point in time, Chicane's vocalist Justine Suissa said that it was their last song. The people were obviously disappointed. We were disappointed. I bet Chicane was disappointed as well. At the back of our minds, we knew that the concertn would have been longer if the speakers have been acting up the way it used to be. Coz I have been expecting a lot of songs to be played that wasn't.

And I personally blame BigFish for this. Darn. I hope that there's no deja vu on their Halloween Costume Party come this October..

We left minutes after Chicane went down from the stage.


Anyways, check out the pictures of the event here... (Thanks Z for the pics)

See you in Cream! 


And you know what their alibi (who's that guy along John Boy?) why the speakers went that way... DUST PARTICLES!!!