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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trade Tayo?

it was taking the usual "hours" for my mom to be called by the doctor for her check up in medical city trinoma. after spending almost an hour looking for a filter for my camera in trinoma, i returned empty-handed and still waiting. so i decided to go out and sit at the chairs outside the clinic.
i took out my psp and started playing "cake mania." a few minutes later a guy went out of the clinic. hot guy. gwapo. young. he was holding an x-ray film and  alongside him are two little girls. hmmm. prolly his daughters. apparently he was also taking the usual "waiting-for-hours" scenario so he decided to take a seat one chair away from me.
the daughters, on the other hand, saw me playing my psp. so one of them sat between hot daddy and me and the other one was a standing at my right, slightly at my back. somewhere where my peripheral vision can still manage a view.
they were looking at what i was doing. and then i told myself...
"pahiram ko tong PSP ko sa inyo, pahiramin nyo sakin daddy nyo..."
i just smiled. and continued playing my PSP.
** we met again somewhere in trinoma that same day... and our eyes met. ha ha.
** and now i told myself, "sa inyo na lang tong PSP ko, akin na lang daddy nyo!" hahaha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short Term

when i got home one morning, i immediately went to the dining area, opened my bag and pulled out an avon brochure which my sister asked me to give my mom when we met near the mrt station. i placed it on the dining table and after which i grabbed a piece of bread and started taking bites on it. i went to the kitchen area for a while, to check on what's on the fridge and what's cooking, but there wasn't any. so i went back to the dining table, took my bag and went to the sofa. when i remembered that i needed to give something to my mom, i checked my bag. to my surprise it was opened and the thing i was supposed to give my mom wasn't there.
what immediately came to my mind was, "talaga naman, pati ba yun eh nanakawin pa!" i kept on searching and searching my bag but to no avail. when my mom came, i told her that there was something that was missing in my bag, and that something was for her.
and then i realized. damn, i left it on the table.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Next Emily... That's All

twenty days after writing my first post for this year, here i am back. still the old me. for the past 20 days i became the short time workaholic. doing overtimes. working for the holidays. and working more than what is expected from me. i haven't gone out with any friend other than my bestfriend. never drank booze. never lit a cigar. never did anything to fulfill my social needs. just plain work. not even blogging. on top of it was the bad cough and colds that i was experiencing for the last week of december and first week of january...

may kasabihan sila na pag may specific na ginagawa ka sa simula ng taon. lets say "nagtatrabaho" sa simula ng taon, eh yun na daw ang gagawin mo buong taon. eh ako? wala nmn ako sa office nung new year. pero the night of jan 1, i was in the office. hmm. so ibig sabihin pala buong taon, puro trabaho ako? waaah. although kasabihan lang sya, feeling ko at some point mangyayari sakin. wag naman sana.

start the year right. how do we start the year right? sabi ko nga dati i need to balance my work and non work activities, pero mukhang hindi. ive been telling that to myself since i started my first job but until now, feeling ko, im back to my old self. the workaholic-no-social-life life. pero hindi naman ako stressed sa work. nag-eenjoy pa nga ako pag nappressure ako eh. pag nangangarag. kasi mas gumagana ang pag-iisip ko pag ngaragan.

pero i need to take a change. cge. gow. kaya ko yan. go for work and non-work balance. goodluck sa akin.

have a happy new year!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Megan Fox is absolutely...


Hmmm.. Will she bare it all in the third installation?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


it always feels the same. i always feel the same. the feeling of excitement. joy. fun. happiness. perkiness. just everything positive. its almost an hour past midnight with "happy by lighthouse family" on my player and now i've started to go over what 2008 meant for me.

"who says you can't be happy all the time... i'm still gonna try" 

there are so many things and happenings to be thankful for. good memories. good things. good experiences. a lot of memories to be cherished and remembered. 

and amidst all those, there are these bad times. bad happenings. may be even worse. but then again, as we all would say, let us not dwell on such things. let us learn from it. remember them only to remind us of the lessons we need to learn so as not to commit the same mistakes again. 

just another fresh  start for me. this year. 2009.

happy new year to everybody!