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Sunday, September 28, 2008


attendance hotline, hello.
hi, goodmorning.
good morning.
this is ******* calling for ms. ********.
yes. and what's her project?
she's from project *******
oh ok. and can i have her crm number?
yes, that's *******.
ok, let me verify that. that's *******.
ok. male-late po ba sya or absent?
she'll just be late.  it's still raining hard kasi eh.
oh i see. and what time is her shift.
she's on her way now. mga 2 am siguro andyan na sya.
oh ok. got that.
oh, can i have your name please?
yeah, that's ****. *-*-*-*.
ok. thanks.

....one of the things i do in my temporary position...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ladies choice

i just got off the MRT north avenue station, and my stomach is taking me to place where it could satisfy himself. its been growling ever since i stepped out of the office. so my stomach, with the help of my legs, led me to the nearest booth - waffle time. hmmm. smells good. a customer was just about to leave after she got her order, and i was about to make mine.
after placing my order, a guy came and asked, "wala kayong ham and cheese?" there was none. so the guy opted to get a tuna waffle.
there was nothing wrong about what he ordered.  when we're both done with taking our waffles and paying for what was due, we both left the booth. him going first. he went down the stairs (the one going to trinoma entrance and took the stairs on the right - side where the escalator is located).
what i noticed about him is the bag he was carrying. a black united colors of benetton bag. the famous black one. used by women. a shoulder bag. i dunno. i know you know it. and he was carrying it with no hesitations and as if it was owned by his girlfriend and was just doing a favor for his girl since she was his girlfriend. but he wasn't with anyone. he was alone.
what i noticed more, is that he acted so manly. for a person with a relatively useless or no gaydar at all, they wouldn't have second thoughts about him being straight. while i was following him down the stairs, i was trying to get a hint of his actions (the finger flicker, the hip and booty shaking, the stares, among others) and get a glimpse if he is one of us. unfortunately, there wasn't even a flinch of those gay-slash-bisexual-slash-discreet moves. 
then it came to my mind, what is he (or are they) trying to prove? is he becoming more manly by bringing a ladies bag, like "hey, look at me, i can carry a ladies bag at no ease, am i hot or what?" or perhaps have men become more open with metrosexuality that even straight (or should i say "straight-acting") men tend to cater to the women's fashion?
as we ended the stairs, i started brushing off the questions in my mind and left him find his way. with the bag. on his shoulder. 
just another morning with a thousand questions. and another rant-and-rave post.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Can't wait for this. 
Seven days and its Love On The Run! 
One of the biggest dance concerts of the year. 
One of the biggest comebacks!

Tickets are at hand.

Now, what should I wear?


me and my officemates were in the pantry, taking our work lunches when i get to notice this guy on my far right. i already had a glance of him even before we settled on our tables.
our usual lunch went on. noisy. feast-like. and happy. then the guy, stood up. looks like he's about to go. and yes he was. his lunch is done.
when he stood up. me and a friend noticed a paper that he left on the chair that he used to sit. we immediately noticed that is a 50-peso bill.
"uy naiwan nya!"
"uu nga. kunin mo!"
"ikaw na kaya..."
"sauli mo"
me, with the goodness in me predominating the devil bitch in me decided to take the bill and return it to the guy who left it.
i stood up, took the bill and walked towards the way the guy went. i instantly saw him walking towards the other end of the hallway.
with no choice left, i shouted..
"excuse me.."
no response..
"excuse me, white polo..."
then he looked back. finally, i caught his attention. i approached him. and before i could hand out his 50-peso bill, he questioned...
"white polo?"
i handed him the bill and immediately turned back and walked away. and i started mumbling words...
"anu ba yan, instead na magpasalamat, nagawa pang kwestyunin ung pagtawag ko sa kanya!"
he was wearing a "white polo barong"     

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Psychology Today

At long last. After months of waiting for my first issue, it finally came. Technically, this would be the second issue for my subscription. The first one never came. Kept calling and reporting them that my first issue never came, and hell, they didn't seem to care.

I almost gave them an ultimatum that if the second issue won't be delivered, I'll be delivering my complaint to someone else, perhaps DTI.

Imma busy myself with reading this. Hopefully, it would give an idea of what to write....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Text Twist

If we could sum up all the causes of hurt, pain and hatred in one word...

It would be...


We all shouldn't have too much of it...

**Z... i changed my mind. Wait for my comments na lang... He he...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What My Future Holds...

I was thinking of whether to continue a post that I was planning long time ago when I stepped into our house and saw my daddy reading the newspaper. I took a piece of pandesal, said hi to him and then he asked me a question, just a few steps before I hit the stairs...

"Ayaw mo ba talagang mag-aral uli? Kahit kami magbabayad.."

I stared with a blank face and gave him no answer. I went straight to me room. Took my shoes off and wore my slippers and I said to myself...

"Pag sinabi kong MED, kaya mo ba?"

I seriously didn't think he'd be able to pay for it. That's why I decided to work and took another route in my life. Instead of taking Med school, I decided to take a Masteral degree... And with a couple of units left and a dreaded thesis, I am currently on AWOL after I took one sem on LOA... 

This has been a frequent discussion between me and my dad. Had I not stopped school (my Masters), we wouldn't be talking about this issue over and ove. He kept on asking me why did I stop. Why was I not planning to finish it. And all that. But I never did answer any of them...

When I talked to one of my MS (Master of Science) friends, she asked me, when was I coming back. I honestly told her that I wasn't coming back. Nor did I have planning of finishing it or getting a degree. And with her I was able to open up the reason why. 

"I just lost the passion. Perhaps the momentum as well."

I dunno. I just don't feel like studying what I was taking. But sometimes when I see those articles on Wikipedia, those scientific articles and journals archived in my hard drives and the collection of books I have amassed, I always get this exciting feeling of knowing things that I needed to know. The pressure of working it. The fun after a long exhilarating week of lab work.

Last night I was talking to my bestfriend, he opened up the idea of me taking Medicine. Something he really wanted for me. Well, I guess he wanted me to be a doctor like I wanted him to be a Lawyer, that's why he's in Law School. I would really love to. But then, I am really absorbed by the fact that we might not be able to sustain my studies financially. And it may come to a point wherein I'd lost my passion again... Hope not.

Yeah, they'd told me that. Scholarship. But then, although I love being pressured, I feel the pressure is different. And I'm not as brilliant as others there. I once was offered a scholarship from a med school, but my brother and father did not agree to it. Probably because of the reputation. 

Waaah. Now my minds a blur. I dunno what to do. Anyways, I still have til June of next year to decide. For now, I'd concentrate on my work.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Jeepney Chronicles

The Jeepney Chronicles...

Ang mataba at payat sa mga jeepney drivers - walang pinagkaiba.

Sa isang jeep, kapag ang capacity ng bawat side ng jeep, eh lets say 10 bawat side, kapag may sumakay na sobrang lusog na tao na pang dalawahan ang bayad, kailangan sampu pa rin ang uupo dun. 

Sa terminal, kapag ganun ang sitwasyon, hindi kayo aalis hanggat hindi puno yon. kahit magreklamo ang mga taong masikip na. Kapag may sumakay na, ayan cge aalis na. Pero kapag ang malas na pasaherong yon na hindi makaupo ng mabuti dahil ni hindi maipasok ang kalahati ng kanyang puwet sa kaliit-liitang espasyong nilaan sa kanya ay bumaba na lang bago pa buksan ni manong driver ang kanyang jeep, dun lang nila mare-realize na, di na talaga pwedeng siksikan pa.

Suklian laban sa kulang.

Ang mga drayber pag kulang ang pamasahe mo, agad agarang sasabihin saung kulang ang pamasahe mo na akala mo milyones ang kulang. Pero pag kulang ang sukli na binigay sayo, aba ang iba, deadma to the max. Malas mo pa kapag nasa dulo ka ng mahabang jeep. Salamat sa mga mababaet na pasaherong nakikisigaw sa kulang mong sukli.

Mga pasaherong tamad.

Pag dalawa lang kau sa jeep. At pareho kaung malayo sa driver. Pero yung isa mas malayo sau. Hay pag nagbayad sya. Ipapaabot pa sayo. At ikaw pa ang lalapit sa driver para magbayad! Haller! Mabuti sana kung walking impaired ka at maiintindihan kita pero hello, ikaw kaya ang lumapit...

At ang drayber na tamad.

Pag ikaw naman ang malapit sa driver. Aba tumigil ka at wag tatamad tamad dyan. Mag-abot ng pamasahe. Lalo na at ang driver eh ayaw mag-extend ng arms para kunin ang mga pamasahe.

Upong otso-singkwenta lang po.

Kamusta naman ang fieldtrip ha? At ang upo eh parang nagssight seeing lang ng mga building at mga taong palakad lakad? With the matching wind effect pa sa hair na, hello, mahaba ang hair mo at tumatama sa katabi mo yung hair mo. Pwede pagupit mo na lang yan kung di mo ma-manage? Pasalamat ka wala akong gunting o lighter!

At ang mga bukaka nyo feeling naman ang lalaki nya. Feeling nyo naman! Ano naman ang pinagmamalaki nyo dyan, o baka takot kaung maipit yan? 

Sa tabi lang po.

Manong, gusto ko pang mabuhay. Hindi naman eto race track! Tapos may papara. Kamusta naman manong, gusto mong maging close kami sau ha. At kawawa naman ung pinakamalapit na pasahero sau naipit na. 

O ikaw naman manong, ang layo mo naman magbaba. Parang kulang na lang sumakay ako pabalik! Pwede bang pakibalik na lang pamasahe ko kung ganon? O magdadahilan ka pa na bawal magbaba dun eh parang may ibang jeep na nagbababa dun ah. Ako pa lokohin mo araw araw akong bumababa dito..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Laptop Blogs Revisited - 50 me

50 me

Saturday, May 05, 2007

10:42 PM

1. i have thought so many times if i will write these 50 things about me... oh i mean 49...

2. call me **** or julian. i know who calls me **** and who calls me julian...

3. im 23... damn i am... and i am single... damn for the second time.

4. former call center agent, hate the work...

5. bs biology graduate

6. frustrated med student, but still wants to be a doctor (no way! not after watching grey's anatomy?)

7. ms microbiology student, now

8. had experienced working and studying at the same time, keeping awake for three days just to keep up...

9. they say im organized. hah! who said i am? go to my room and check all the mess. my sis calls me oc-oc... but im so used to it... hahahaha...

10. i love music... i enjoy all types of music....

11. i love movies, especially musicals, those with a lot of dancing... movies like chicago, high school musical, dreamgirls... but i also like some others...

12. i can get myself busy all the time...

13. i love watching television series, this is the reason i would want to stay at home. i can watch all day... grey's anatomy, prisonbreak, joey, scrubs, house md, entourage, and a lot more coming...

14. i love taking and collecting pictures...

15. i love dancing... only im unsure if i have two left feet... well i can dance fairly, in a club, perhaps...

16. i sing... in the shower... hahaha... i sing if im alone... im always off the note, hahaha...

17. im a sleep crack...

18. cant live without my eyeglasses...

19. i hate working at night, i'd rather party... nightlife...

20. i read... pocketbooks, scientific articles and books (i just feel the need to)

21. i love my mom's spaghetti, the most perfect spaghetti for me...

22. i'm a green salad fan!

23. i play volleyball, badminton and table tennis but am never good at it..

24. i spend my time playing pc games... always goes for the easy level, yet takes me time to finish the game..

25. i treat coke as water..

26. i never get fat... though i eat so much...

27. i'm the silent type... (i wish)... really... no fuzz...

28. i dont watch horror movies...

29. i dont sing in videoke bars. rarely you would see me sing, not till im drunk!

30. i surf the net a lot...

31. i chat a lot as well...

32. im lazy at texting and replying to people...

33. i hate fighting about money...

34. i hate insensitive people...

35. certified aquarian...

36. i'm bad at directions...

37. im worse at remembering names.

38. i love answering questions in yahoo! answers

39. i love going out (well depende sa mood), i'm more of a night person, sanay sa puyatan, pero nag-resign sa call center para makatulog sa tamang oras... weird no??

40. i hate my hair.. it's the hardest thing to manage....

41-50. i'll leave it up to you guys to fill in...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Internet Acronym...


found this in an Urban Dictionary while I was looking for the meaning of ROTFL...

and this internet acronym means...

Rolling on the floor laughing biting the carpet dancing in circles and jumping through the window almost dieing by smashing into HP who's then running horrified into the street beeing killed accidentally by a yellow bulldozer.

Hindi na lang pala gadgets ngayon ang paliit ng paliit or paikli ng paikli... pati mga expressions..

Hindi kaya in the future, ang mga blog posts natin puro acronyms na?

Hirit pa ako. Isa pa..


Rolling on the fucking floor laughing my fucking ass off until I fucking die from lack of fucking oxygen.


***Time to be happy***

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Promise

It almost happens to me everytime. Sudden sadness. Kalungkutang walang dahilan. Walang pinaghuhugutan. Just plain sadness. For no reasons at all.

During these times, what I usually do is to soundtrip. You've made me stronger. Tanging Mahal. Bukas na lang kita mamahalin. The Last Time. and I remembered... my favorite...

The Promise

Say goodbye
When I can barely say goodnight
If I can hardly take my eyes from yours
How far can I go?

Walk away
The thought would never cross my mind
I couldn't turn my back on Spring or Fall
Your smile least of all

When I say always
I mean forever
I trust tomorrow as much as today
I am not afraid to say I love you
But I promise you
I'll never say goodbye

We're dancers
On a crowded floor
while other dancers leave from song to song
Our music goes on

On and on
And if I never leave your arms
I really would have traveled everywhere
For my world is there

When I say always
I mean forever
I trust tomorrow as much today
I am not afraid to say I love you
And I promise you

I'll never say goodbye

How could I ever say goodbye...


It appears that I'll be playing this song over and over. Until it brings me to dreamland. Hopefully, when I wake up, the sudden sadness is over.