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Thursday, September 25, 2008

ladies choice

i just got off the MRT north avenue station, and my stomach is taking me to place where it could satisfy himself. its been growling ever since i stepped out of the office. so my stomach, with the help of my legs, led me to the nearest booth - waffle time. hmmm. smells good. a customer was just about to leave after she got her order, and i was about to make mine.
after placing my order, a guy came and asked, "wala kayong ham and cheese?" there was none. so the guy opted to get a tuna waffle.
there was nothing wrong about what he ordered.  when we're both done with taking our waffles and paying for what was due, we both left the booth. him going first. he went down the stairs (the one going to trinoma entrance and took the stairs on the right - side where the escalator is located).
what i noticed about him is the bag he was carrying. a black united colors of benetton bag. the famous black one. used by women. a shoulder bag. i dunno. i know you know it. and he was carrying it with no hesitations and as if it was owned by his girlfriend and was just doing a favor for his girl since she was his girlfriend. but he wasn't with anyone. he was alone.
what i noticed more, is that he acted so manly. for a person with a relatively useless or no gaydar at all, they wouldn't have second thoughts about him being straight. while i was following him down the stairs, i was trying to get a hint of his actions (the finger flicker, the hip and booty shaking, the stares, among others) and get a glimpse if he is one of us. unfortunately, there wasn't even a flinch of those gay-slash-bisexual-slash-discreet moves. 
then it came to my mind, what is he (or are they) trying to prove? is he becoming more manly by bringing a ladies bag, like "hey, look at me, i can carry a ladies bag at no ease, am i hot or what?" or perhaps have men become more open with metrosexuality that even straight (or should i say "straight-acting") men tend to cater to the women's fashion?
as we ended the stairs, i started brushing off the questions in my mind and left him find his way. with the bag. on his shoulder. 
just another morning with a thousand questions. and another rant-and-rave post.


Chyng said...

ambilis ko magcomment!

well, males with identity problems act more manly- too concious kasi sila. ayun, nahuhuli tuloy. for that man, he doesnt care. ang hirap tuloy madetect ng gaydar. sna hinintay mo mgsalita, minsan dun nahuhuli eh. ;)

the geek said...

did you happen to look at his face?

was he cute? lol

dazedblu* said...

Haha, tht wuz kewl.. then? XD

joaqui_miguel said...


That's my man! I love that "I-will-do-what-I-want-and-I-don't-care-what-you-think-about-me" attitude. :)

Mugen said...

Hindi pa ako nakakakita nung bag. Ehehe. Pardon me for my lack of fashion sense.

Aris said...

minsan, sa sm restroom, may nakita akong todo eyeliner sa harap ng salamin. wala siyang pakialam. at mukha siyang straight! :)

kiel said...

i applaud your sense of self restraint. kung ako yun, di ko mapipigil na sabihin..."luv the bag"

odin hood said...

baka papansin lang

Looking For The Source said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Looking For The Source said...

comment ko yun nasa taas. may naisama lang akong cp number kaya dinelete ko.

baka magalit sya pag nabasa nya yun!


@chyng :: yeah. i have a friend na gnun. dahil conscious syang maglakad, mas nahahalatang bading sya. actually, i heard him speak, its the natural straight tone.

@the geek :: yeah, that's the first thing i did. only he wasn't. kaya ko sya pinag-isipan ng ganun. tsk tsk. bad bad.

@dazedblu :: wala. walang nangyari. goodbye sa kanya! ha ha.

@joaqui_miguel :: hay. mahiyain ako. so hindi ko attitude yan. hi hi. try mo ko lasingin, baka lang.

@mugen :: i remembered the bag coz my sister used to have it before. and naalala ko na benetton yon kasi the night before, sinabihan ako ng former tl ko na ung color combination daw ng shirt and jacket ko eh parang united colors of benetton..

@aris :: aba. pasaway yan. baka nmn ung parang emo-punk ang dating?

@kiel :: ha ha. naku hindi malakas ang loob ko. mahiyain akong tao eh. ha ha.

@odin hood :: baka nga.

......salamat sa pagbisita!!

boying said...


i come in peace.

siguro comfortable lang talaga siya sa sexuality niya at wala siyang paki. or pwedi ring kanina pa siya hinihintay ng babaeng talagang may ari nung bag. hehehe.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

how about the fashion crime card??