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Sunday, September 28, 2008


attendance hotline, hello.
hi, goodmorning.
good morning.
this is ******* calling for ms. ********.
yes. and what's her project?
she's from project *******
oh ok. and can i have her crm number?
yes, that's *******.
ok, let me verify that. that's *******.
ok. male-late po ba sya or absent?
she'll just be late.  it's still raining hard kasi eh.
oh i see. and what time is her shift.
she's on her way now. mga 2 am siguro andyan na sya.
oh ok. got that.
oh, can i have your name please?
yeah, that's ****. *-*-*-*.
ok. thanks.

....one of the things i do in my temporary position...


Mugen said...

Secretary? Hehehe

Aris said...

whatever it is, i just hope, you're happy! :)

Chyng said...

dahil nde ka busy?

joaqui_miguel said...

I think I know this post. hehehe

I'm jsut not sure what they call it in your company. hehehe

Looking For The Source said...

mugen :: not actually. although we do a lot of virtual paperwork. more of operations assistants...

aris :: i am busy. sometimes happy coz im off the phone. but i am busy! ha ha.

chyng :: dahil sa mahabang story...

joaqui_miguel :: alam mu nmn kung san ako nagwowork. im under reporting. and under that. sinama nila tong hotline na to.