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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Save our home. Save your home. Do your share.

March 27, 2010
8:30 - 9:30 PM Local Time
Switch YOUR Lights off for JUST an HOUR

Help save our HOME.
Do your share.

sHouTouTs from tHe soUrcE (#3)

we sacrifice not because we are too afraid of what will happen.

we sacrifice because we believe there is something better for us.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the only exception

i could've sworn that i am totally attracted to your smile. yes, i'm guilty for staring at you. that night when we are all sat on one table, enjoying the night, your smile was just so perfect and mesmerizing you made my eyes glued to you. and your stare gives me the strength to pull away.

i could've sworn that the touch on the hips meant something. i joked you about something you'd promised to tell. and while we waited for the doors to open, you pinched me on my waist and it never left there. i decided not to leave and spend the rest of the night with you and your housemates despite the consequences.

i could've sworn that my night went perfect. that night our lips were on a silent rendezvous. our hands locked like the key was thrown away for good. and our bodies felt each others warmth. simple bliss on a silent night.

i could've sworn that i loved the surprise kiss you made. as we made our way to a bread shop that morning we held hands despite the people staring at us. and while i waited on at the door of that shop, you surprised me with a kiss on the cheek in public, in front of other buyers and the cashiers. i should feel uncomfy that you did it - but i didn't.

i could've sworn that i will never regret the whole day i spent with you. you had your mood swings and "pagatataray", but i thought it was rather sweet. your surprised kisses and hugs just swept me off my feet. it was then i decided i was going for this...

i could've sworn that you are the only exception. i know and i am expecting that i'd be hurt in the end, but still i refuse to stop, cause the feeling brought about this is just so overwhelming. i'd soon run out of reasons to be happy - once this is over - but that's ok. i have been living my life that way for long now, so it's not something i'd feel surprised about.

i could've sworn that i am loving you now...

Monday, March 15, 2010

ang mahalaga...

alam ko naman na mali.

maling mali.

pero hindi ko napigilan.

sinubukan ko pigilan.

nagustuhan ko rin.

pero kahit na gusto ko.

nasasaktan ako.


bawat oras.

bawat minuto.

bawat sandali.

ok lang na masaktan.

totoo naman.

hindi ko lang matanggap.

ang kalokahang ipinipilit kong ipasok.

sa puso at sa isip ko.

ilang beses din.

ilang pagkakataon din.

may nasirang pagkakaibibigan.

may masisira pang pagkakaibigan.

hindi lang yung pagkakaibigan namin.

pati yung atin.

handa naman ako.

kung paano ka nilaglag ng minahal mo.

ganun din ako.

alam ko naman na pwedeng dumating dito.

ok na to.

matatanggap ko rin to.

mauuntog din ako.

matututo din ako.

patuloy na uusad.

patuloy na lalakad.

patuloy na makikipagsapalaran.

ayoko lang na dumating ang oras.

wala na ako maramdaman.

na kahit ano.

sa kahit kanino.

kahit kailan.

at kahit saan.

ang mahalaga sakin.

kahit minsan sa aking buhay.

nagpakatotoo ako.

Monday, March 8, 2010

sHouTouTs from tHe soUrcE (#2)

you know the good thing about feeling

is the fact that you're still being true to yourself...

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cycle

Love conquers all

Someone has to and will get hurt

Life goes on