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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest Mistake

[was originally written in the office, 4th of October 2009]

i am in no condition to work right now. not because i feel sick.. we'll, a little.. would a broken heart be included? but because i drank last night. three bottles of san mig light. i know you'd say, "oh c'mon, three bottles and you're drunk?" but for someone like me who haven't tasted a beer for years, i'd say i'd be drunk on the second. and with a pair of pants smelling like shit cause a friend on mine spilled beer on it, that has made going to work worse.

he brightened up my day. he came home from work and his smile was heavenly. i can definitely stare at his face for a long long time. he wasn't aloof when he sat down and ate his dinner. he was actually speaking up and laughing... and that felt really comfortable. however, he had to go to sleep, work had restrained him from joining our booze fest.

before we went to bed, i got to look at him. a sleeping angel indeed. i wanted to touch him, to caress him, to kiss him, but i just can't. apparently his reluctance to go any further with our budding relationship has created a wall that neither his housemate / my friend can break. now i know how the phrase "so close, yet so far" means.

before i left their house for work, i left a gift beside his pillow. it was a teddy bear, with a tear and a handkerchief which says "i miss you." i really wanted an "i'm sorry" bear - however i wasn't able to find one. i guess this must be the nearest.

i sent him a message the moment i arrived at work. saying that i left a gift for him, more like an apology for what happened before. he said he had forgotten it a long time ago. i asked him if we can go out again - a friendly date, perhaps. he said yes, as long as he is free. i do hope it happens.

before i went to their place, i had mandy moore's latest mistake on the loop on my ipod. i decided to change it to jordin sparks' one step at a time...

[i guess changing it to jordin's one step at a time was my latest mistake after all...]

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love, You Love...

When I got to listen to this song, I felt connected to it. Something in the words that John Legend wrote made me set my minds into deep thoughts.

In a failing relationship, or a relationship nearing its unfortunate end, there are always two sides - one who is willing to let go, and someone who doesn't or let's say "can't let go." And as most of you won't agree, it will always be the latter whose on the losing game. They are the people who tends to get hurt the most, who probably cries the most and will probably be the ones who will move on the longest.

Would this be good enough to say that the losing side have loved more than the other one?

Consider me biased, but I would say "yes." Although not all the time, but MOST of the time. Consider this logic (or if it even makes logic at all), if the other side has loved as much as the losing side, would they even have doubts of letting go. Love isn't a "maybe" or "i'll think about it." It is either a concrete YES or a concrete NO. Those are the only options. The former may have loved the latter but for sure it is the latter that have love the most.

Most of you would think I am stupid. Or illogical. Or whatever. That what I am trying to say is just the basic setup.. that love is complicated. But isn't it that the only main thing that binds a relationship is love? Would you have a relationship with someone without love?

What's so hard about the losing side is that they tend to keep the faith. And hope. And hold on. And why would the latter hold on for someone that has let go.. someone that has left them hurting... and grieving.. Isn't the pain enough for them to let go? Does the pain brought to them give them justice? Or maybe, just maybe, at an unknown and unexpected spur of a moment - something will happen - a twist of fate, a miracle in the sky or a rainbow after the storm. But in the end, all they get are failed expectations, false hopes and deeper feeling of pain, only to realize that their love story isn't like fairytales and love stories and life has indeed played unfair to them. And they simply have no choice but to accept it, cry it out and move on, hoping the next time they take the ride, nobody leaves no one.

But how do we know when to stop? Do you close yourself to the idea of hoping? Or stop when we have been hurt enough, not by the former, but by yourself?

Do you we even hope in the first place?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Me...

Julian is busy...

1. Being placed on the hotseat by their Project Manager...

2. Relaxing his neck and head so that he can hold the violin without using his hands...

3. Looking at multitudes of pictures of photographers thinking he can make shots as good as what they have...

4. Trying to make weaves, butterflies, wraps and flowers using socks filled with crumpled paper...

5. Making sure that his crops won't rot, waiters and chefs won't get tired and he gets to attack people who robbed, fought and hit-listed him...

6. Trying to review his physiology, genetics and virology books, despite the fact the he has no use for it... and he has stacks of pocketbooks and mags to finish...

7. And confused organizing his music files into folders, playlists and ensures that every file has an album art and belongs to a playlist.. this is on top of his future downloads...

8. Scouring the web for the best gay independent films...

9. Getting in touch with all of his friends...

10. Making his heart beat again...


Julian is busy..... writing all other things he wanted to busy himself on...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


when you look at your friends with their partners,

you smile and be happy for them,

but at the back of our minds we say,

"Sana Ako Din..."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So many questions....

1. Why is it that everytime I'd try to move on, you'd always call my name back?

2. Why is it that everytime you call my name back, I'd tell myself, "I am not moving on."?

3. Why is it that everytime you don't make a move, I miss you a lot?

4. Why is it that everytime I miss you a lot, I get so paranoid?

5. Why is it that everytime I end up waiting, I turn from patient to bitter?

6. Why is it that everytime I get mad at you, it never shows?

7. Why is it that despite the madness I feel, just one touch from you, and everything I hated about you just disappears?

8. Why is it that I feel hurt but I don't wanna stop the pain?

9. Why do I hate that I love you?

10. Why you?

Monday, August 3, 2009


it all starts with YOU. YOU being single and alone, needs to feel that YOU are loved. cared for. someone to be with. someone to talk to. a friend, but YOU seriously needed more than that.

YOU surfed. signed in to every social networking site YOU know of - pinoyg4m, manjam, dudesnude, downelink, planetromeo, and YOU even still be wishing fabuloush was still up and running, and checked.. stared through pictures and videos made available. YOU logged on to your favorite mirc chatrooms - bi-manila and salsalan - just to find what YOU are looking for.

"hi, just read your profile. i find YOU interesting. blah blah blah. maybe we can chat sometime... here's my YM id.. talk to YOU soon..."

"im looking for someone to chat with. sensible guy here..."

it's taking YOU hours to find one. or perhaps to get a reply. YOU ran out of manjam viewing slots for the day coz YOU are not a premium member. your eyes get sore reading long but useless profiles. YOU get stucked with guys YOU know YOU can never have. YOU open links with pictures of a hot guy but then he is only looking for sex.. a j/o buddy or an SOP...

after a few hours of uneventful searching, YOU finally realize to end the day. maybe tomorrow, luck will finally struck you. but before YOU hit the signout button of one of the networking sites, a pink box shows up and says, "YOU have a message" eager to know who was that guy, YOU clicked on "yes" to read the message..

"hi there. thanks for sending me a message. here's my YM id. i'm online now..."

apparently, luck has struck YOU earlier than expected. YOU immediately opened up your YM messenger and added him up. and ping. YOU are now talking to each other. a smooth conversation comes between the both of YOU. YOU talk about anything under the sun, the basics, the usual NASLs and just everything "discussable.." unfortunately, one has to go. and it wasn't you. YOU certainly hoped that the conversation wouldn't end even if work was waiting for YOU the next day.

"can i have your number?"

YOU, without hesitations gave your number.. hoping he'd give YOU a ring or something.. and then there was goodbye. YOU never got the chance to get his number. your work has paid off. YOU are gonna be sleeping soundly and with a smile tonight. but before the bed bugs started to bite, YOU feel your cellphone vibrating. it was him. it was just a number, but YOU certainly know it was him. your instinct never failed you.

the conversation continued. its like the night would never end. YOU were finishing each other's sentences and filling up each others interests. the guy decided it was better off done over the phone, so he asks for your home phone. "message sent" then your landline starts ringing.

after realizing that YOU really needed to end the day, coz it was actually starting, there goes the long goodbye. YOU feel the chills on your spine, YOU feel the goosebumps and YOU noticed that your heart quite skipped a beat.

the next day YOU started the morning wth happiness and eagerness. YOU pick up your phone. checked for new messages. ignored every message until YOU find his. and there it was. YOU felt so happy he never forgot YOU. YOU read his message over and over again. mumbling. and smiling. your like one anime character with hearts on his eyes and superblushy cheeks. YOU cant concentrate coz YOU are thinking of him. YOU been caught staring at your computer screen but YOU say "what the heck!"

after a few exchange of SMSs YOU realize he wasn't replying anymore. YOU tell yourself that he might just be busy. he might just be doing something else. or perhaps, he must have run out of battery power. YOU decide to let this pass. a few hours later, YOU decided to send him a message. eagerly waited for a reply, but again. no respone. YOU again tell yourself reasons. be patient. YOU end the day no getting any message from him. YOU feel sad. YOU feel lonely. YOU start to lose patiience.

YOU tried to reach out through his social networking account. YOU send him message. gentle messages. "how are you?" "why haven't YOU replied?" "are YOU busy?" he's not online. maybe he'll reply the moment he gets it. again, YOU tried to make patience a virtue. YOU sent him a bunch of undemanding SMSs. still no reply. YOU tried to call him through his phone - busy tone.

another day has passed, YOU checked on your account - no replies. YOU tried to call him, no answer. YOU start to become a ticking bomb, yet YOU realize that was not gonna help. so YOU try to think. to reason out his actions. maybe he lost his phone. maybe he doesnt have phone credits. may his phone was stolen. or maybe he broke his phone. your imagination goes way out of reality to rationalize what's happening.

your patience is over. YOU are mad. but apparently don't have reasons to. YOU send him another set of messages. "why won't YOU talk to me..." "did i do something wrong?" "why have't YOU replied?" "just tell me if YOU don't want me around?" "is it to hard for YOU to reply?" YOU opened your YM and started messaging him the same messages. a few minutes later, he gets online. YOU realize he has read your messages but never replied to them. then his YM ID shows online, YOU started asking him the same questions. YOU have become naughtier. more impatient. and bitter. 30 minutes have passed. a bunch of messages. a bunch of pings and buzzes. no reply. an hour, and YOU still haven't given up. and hour and a half. 2 hours...

"what? im busy"

"so spare me now okay"

YOU felt a drop of water roll down your cheeks. goosebumps started getting back but it wasn't the same as before. YOU realize tonight will be one of your worst nights ever.

it wasn't YOU who was the ticking bomb. it was him. YOU have made him a ticking bomb. YOU realize that it was over. it was never over, cause it never even started...

...some things are just better left unknown...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Story (Romeo's Lyrics)

This is just one great version!

"Love Story (Via Romeo)" - Taylor Swift (Reworded by Gabe Bondoc)

We were both young when I first saw you.

I close my eyes and the flashback starts..

.. you're standing there.. on a balcony in summer air.

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.

Making my way, I'm moving through the crowd to say "ello.."

Little did you know..

.. that I was Romeo, as I was throwing pebbles..

.. heard your father say "Stay away from Juliet!"

Had to leave you crying on the staircase.. begging me "Please don't go!"

So I said..

Julie I'll take you somewhere we can be alone.

Just be patient.. nothing left to do but run.

You'll be the princess, I'll be the prince..

It's a love story baby say "Yes."

So you sneak out to the garden I'm hiding..

.. we keep quiet cause we're dead if they find me.

Close your eyes.

.. escape this town for a little while.

I was Romeo, you were my Juliet.

Even my father said loving you is not worth it.

Had to leave you on crying on the staircase.. begging me "Please don't go!"

So I said..


Julie I'll save you, they'll never come between us!
Just hold on and love is gonna free us!

Don't be afraid, oh we'll make it through this!

It's a love story.. baby just say "Yes."

I'm sure she's tired of waiting.

Swear I'm on my way, just had to work some things out!

I hope her faith's not fading..

.. that was when I met her outskirts of town..

.. and I said..

Julie I apologize, didn't mean to scare you.

Need you more than anything.. I refuse to share you.

Saw it in her eyes, she didn't know what to think..

I knelt to the ground and I pulled out a ring..

And said..

"Marry me Juliet.
You'll never have to be alone.

I love you and that's all that I really know!

I talked to our families, pick out a white dress..

.. it's a love story baby just say "Yes."


Cause we were both young when I first saw you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten Episode 2: Picture Perfect

(Warning: Explicit Content! LOL!)

In the gay, bisexual and transgender world, the only word never missed out on any social profile is "sex" - along with it are the one night stands, sexdates, SOPs, shows on cams, J/O sessions, threesomes, foursomes and orgies. Although most of them would be straightforward about wanting sex or what their preference is, others are just too trying to make their profiles oblivious to the other lookers and hookers.

As I was looking at pics in multiple social networking sites, I came to realize gay men have this uncanny ability to pose for pics and show others what they wanted.

So, I thought of doing this top ten. Warning - this is for fun only. Ang sabi nga ng mga trippers - trip kang to, tol.

The TOP TEN GAY PICTURE POSES that screams "Let's have FUN tonight!"

1. the lashing out my tongue pose - let's start with the tongue. i'm good at kissing the french way. let me glide my strongest muscle over your smooth body down to where you want it to be. i'm delicious. are you? sarap ba friend?

2. i'm the sexiest headless horsemen pose - here's one advice when we do it. close your eyes. i may not be as good looking as what you are looking for, but hell, i can be better than any goodlooking guy you had fun with. ang galing mo sir!

3. i-took-off-my-shirt-only-to-show-you-my-abs-and-my-pubic-hair - you'll never get to see my whole body and what's under my boxers online. take me to bed. undress me, not only you get to look at it. you can touch it. feel it. and do whatever you want. bitin ka ba dude?

4. talk to my underarm pose. i want someone who has extreme fetishes for underarms. go on and lick my underarms. heaven for me, pleasure for you! and, and did you notice my well-built arms. that's gonna keep your gates open for heaven baby. tigas no?

5. im wet... and soapy... and bubbly pose. let's start in the shower. let's soap each other. scRUB our bodies together. and let's get clean before we get dirty! sige pa!

6. im bringing sexy back. oh yes. at your service baby. take my humps and do the bumps. once we pop, we just won't stop. word. tuwad na bhe!

7. me, on my bed, wearing this.. my briefs. go drool at what's under it. i'm trying to take it off, but i can't... can you take it off for me? hubad na bro!

8. the full organ shot - oh cmon! if you still don't get it, then find another one dressed up in a tux. do you like this - just the word yes, then we're off to the nearest motel! tara na tol!

- oh cmon, do you seriously need a pic here? don't play innocent on me!

9. me and my pet in action.. - that's what he got from me. we soared higher than the heavens. cum ride with me? sarap ba pare?

- oh cmon, do you seriously need a pic here? don't play virgin on me!

10. for crying out loud. rather than wondering what he really wants, go send him a message. and besides, it's what you want that matters.

[pictures are not me or mine. pictures taken randomly from a manjam.com, do you own it and wanted it removed, tell me]

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Megan Fox is absolutely...


Hmmm.. Will she bare it all in the third installation?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I hate goodbyes.

And sad endings.

But I love this film. Touching. Heartwarming. Moving.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Dropping By...

Wow. In a few days magbibirthday na ang blog ko. Ha ha. Never thought na tatagal ng ganito to.

Hmmm.... Time to change the look. He he. Isip ng bagong look.

Ayun. Not much to blog about today. I've been doing my usual activities. And nagbasa lang ako ng mga blog posts..

Isa lang ang kakaiba... Yung guy na naka-FLU mascot sa boni MRT station. Ang cute nung mascot. Made me smile.

Ingat lagi mga bloggers.

(Thank you, Joaqui, for making Nobody by the Wondergirls my Latest LSS - damn!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was in Trinoma last week strolling around when I heard someone playing when I passed by National Bookstore. I turned out that they were having music played at the ground floor lobby from 6 - 8 pm and on deck was a violinist and a guitarist. They made good combination and sounds together that I decided to sit for a while and listen. Relaxing.

And it came to my mind that I wanted to try something new. Play a musical instrument. The only instrument I learned to play was a flute and that was because it was required in school. So, I decided, I wanted to play the violin.

Now when I viewed a video of Samvel Yervinyan play the violin. I was struck with amazement. I can do this!

Yeah!! Now, all I need I a violin and a set of violin classes to get me going!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Jon Schmidt - Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Dare

Two of my officemates, one belonging to the same project as I am and the other has just been redeployed to another one, and me, decided to re-visit our working lunch place and spill a couple of drinks just before the other one changes from a dayshift to a midshift schedule and eventually be thrown to a european country to learn all the booze their client is currently selling.

When the three of us still belonged to the same project, and after the redeployment initiatives of Bevs (our exec, who looks like the comedienne Ms. Salviejo) had started taking its toll on most of the support personnel, we had abused our working lunch time from a mere 1 hour to even up to 2 hours. We spend it in our favorite place - Kuwago's. It's a bar/resto that offers a place for inuman, hip-hop and dance dancing, acoustic jamming and videoke.

Let me make a preface that when I initially joined their group May last year, they had doubts that I was bending on the pink side. Or at least I was already bent. A few months after, T (btw, they're both ladies - and T is the straightforward girl, will ask anything, without hesitations, without limitations and tease anyone whenever she can) asked me if I was one. I said NO.

And up until now, after all the teasing, the questioning and the sneaking, I still stand to my answer that I wasn't. They never believed that (I know). They'd keep teasing me to tell them the truth, but I still stood ground.. and never bent...

A few weeks after Y and me has been redeployed to this new project, Y started teasing me to this girl. This girl was cute. Preppy. Funny. And since the two ladies, and given that they were "ladies", had been telling each other what been happening to me and them and the three of us, E knew it the moment she visited our office. Y even pointed out who the girl was. And as usual, there was the teasing.

Last Friday, as agreed upon, we met in Kuwago's. We started talking about a multitude of things, from Hayden's sex videos, the first case of H1N1 infection here in the Philippines and just everything under the sun.

And who would forget, the girl. That lucky, innocent girl who looks straight into my eyes when we talk - no blinking, just sparkling. So they took the chance, a chance to settle it all out. A chance for me to prove them that I wasn't bent.

The dare was: To ask the girl out on our lunch. My treat. If the girl agrees to the lunch, I continue to court her and see where it goes. And they will believe that I so hate pink (which I doubt they will). If she declines, ask her out again on Tuesday and Wednesday. If she declines, I treat the ladies for lunch. And the teasing, and all that continues, not until I tell them that I am so in "lurve" with pink.

The plan was, come Monday, I'd ask the girl out for lunch (before 11:30 am). By 11:30 am, Y would approach me and ask if we are gonna take our lunch together or not (we used to have lunches together). Declining from Y means I did it. Otherwise, I am doomed.

And I certainly agreed to the deal. With no hesitations. I'll just ask out the girl casually. If she says yes, then we're out on a date. And it won't go any further (for the reason that I don't wanna fool someone for the sake of a deal). If she says no, then I am fine with it. The ladies can think everything they want (it's the truth anyways) but I won't sacrifice my morals for the sake of proving them wrong (they never were).

We'll see what happens.

(time today is 9:43 pm, May 24, 2009)

By the time you finish this, the dare is already over.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Ten..

Top 10 Signs your date isn't going and didn't go well...

1. He / She keeps looking at his / her cellphone.. Your date is probably texting another one. Or perhaps he/she is conjuring up a plan to have someone call you for an emergency - thus, the sweet escape.

2. He / she keeps staring at other guys / girls. Trying to spot an alternative. He / she may have wasted his / her time on you, but once he / she got an eye on an interesting one, then going on a date with you isn't really a waste of time after all..

3. He / she will never look straight into your eyes. Random, wordless eye-to-eye contact will never happen. He / she maybe looking straight into your eyes while you are in a conversation, but that's just it. Out of courtesy.

4. He / she will never be hungry. He / she will never be interested in any possible activity you wanted to do (not unless he / she's horny). In short, he / she will disguise himself / herself as the epitome of the most boring person you will ever meet.

5. He / she listens to his / her mp3 player at all times possible. He / she will only remove his / her earphones once you start speaking, and will put back the headphones once your done with your conversation.

6. He / she will always have short answers. Will never expound into any topic you open. Will never share anything about himself / herself. Will be the disguised listener who pretends to listen but at the his / her mind is never interested in whatever you have to say.

7. He / she will never walk close to you. This is to show others that you are not on a date with him / her, or at most, you don't know him / her. Playing safe for other possible targets is simply their game.

8. He / she will always look at his / her watch. Will always ask what time is it. Will always be curious about the time. If he or she has been asking you the time for a couple of times 15-30 minutes after you met, then you should know...

9. He / she will have the best lame excuses just to finish your date. May it be true or not. May it be something about his / her family, something from his / her job, his / her friends. He / she just wants to finish your date.

10. And finally, he / she will disappear like a someone you have never met. Will never get a message from him / her. Will never contact you. Will think and live-up like the date never happened or perhaps he / she had never made contact with you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It was the day the Davids were set to wow Filipino when I learned that they reopened this social networking site. Since the initial version did not held up, as expected, they required everybody, including previous members to sign-up or register as they did before.

And me, being a previous member and a social networking fan, did sign up. And as soon as I had finished my profile, I did what everybody in the site was doing, I socialized. So, I started going through people - their pictures and their profiles. And if they are interesting, physically, socially, emotionally and everything-in between-wise, I'd do the click and add them as my friend.

There was this one guy who I guess stood out among the people I added up. On top of the visual pleasure, what he had in his profile was very much cool. It wasn't nicely written, although thoughts were coherently made avaiable to those made time reading profile's first. I guess the genuine content of his profile was a plus factor too. So I made the "click" and added him up..

A few minutes, or a few hours after, he approved my invite. And he left a comment as well..

"hehe natuwa ako sa profile mu ahh.. sayang parehas taung mahiyain...ala lang.. natuwa lang ako..thanks 4 d'invite/.fellow loner.."

Yes. He the shy type. I am a shy type. The silent one. Someone who listens more than talking. And a loner. And if I were to find a twin in those aspects, he'd certainly be the perfect one.

I admit, I liked him. And so to get to know him... And reach out... And become a little more sociable and less a loner, I sent him a message, a message that just doesn't say "hi" or "hello", "musta" or even "how's life?"

"has it always been fun being a loner?"

It was my opening line which started a short but rather great conversation. Something more than an exchange of ASLs, numbers and IM handles.. Way different than talks about sexual preferences, experiences and positions... And something more than "ok" "oic" and :) as replies... It was all about what we are, the fellow loners..

Until he said that he didn't regret that being a loner for he found someone.. his someone... and they have been together for six and a half years... with another loner...

"cguro sa pagiging loner ko di ako nahirapan na maattach sa isang loner guy din.. "


"wow... six and a half years... wow... nice.. that's nice... "

"you may be a loner.. but a lucky guy.. "

At that moment, I had defined the word "WOW" as a heart-breaking, deeply saddening ouch!

(You should have remembered that he wasn't looking for a partner. He clearly stated that in his profile, dumbass!)

The conversation didn't go that long, for I was getting late for the concert. (Damn, concerts are now starting on time!) I logged out of the site and turned of the pc, took a shower, got dressed up and hoped that the David's would bring back the original meaning of the word wow..

I just opened his account today and saw a newly posted picture.. him and someone else (I assume his partner) kissing...


(written with Regine Velasquez's Sa Piling Mo as the background music)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Peek..

I can fairly describe last week as my most irritating! I had a lot of irritating moments that I just can't over it...

Let me tell you why...

FIRST! The heat... The EXCRUCIATING heat. Yeah, I know its summer and we are all supposed to enjoy the heat and the sun. Oh no! Not me. I hate the sun. Ever since the uber-hot, record-making temperature a few days ago, it appears that it keeps getting hotter and hotter... Ang init!!!! Never did I woke up dry.. (Not because I had wet dreams! Ha ha!)

SECOND... The MRT... In the MRT, most of the benches could only accomodate 5 persons. In the event that the persons seated are slim or skinny, another slot could be available. However, kung isa sa 5 umupo eh naiwan sa kusina, may makakaupo pa naman, hindi nga lang sya makakasandal... When I rode the MRT last night... a fat guy took the sixth slot. Ang nakakainis dun, pinipilit pa nyang sumandal, can't you see hindi na magkasya... Tapos sya pa ang may ganang mag-make face. Papayat ka kaya...

(And what's gross about it, if a sweaty guy/girl is about to fit himself/herself to the slot... and piliting sumandal... and his / her sweaty armpit or arms gets in contact with you... all fresh and all perfumed up.. just imagine (ew!)

THIRD... Bitches... Male bitches! I'm a convicted bitch, there's no doubt and contest about it. However, I don't do what this bitch just did... When I was in Trinoma last Sunday with a friend of mine.. we were about to enter FnH, this star-studded guy stared at me from head to toe. Not in a simple curious way, but in a "hey-you-stupid-guy-bitch-that-looks-like-"eeew!"-i'm-still-the-diva-so-back-off!" way. I would normally dismiss it and moved on. But then he did it again in a "you-didn't-get-what-i-am-saying-you-damn-bitch...-oh-yes-i-am-the-diva-so-get-out-of-my-way!!" way. WTF! Again, I dismissed it (I'm to build patience!). So we went inside the store. Checked out a couple of shirts and went out. Everything was supposed to be fine but... WTF! He was there again, doing it for the third time in a "what-the-fuck-you're-still-here-bitch?-aren't-you-gonna-stay-out-of-my-way-huh?-make-way-for-the-diva-bitch!" way! This made me boiling hot...

You don't have any right to look at me that way... First, I ain't flaunting or trying to make papansin.. or to impress you... Second, hindi ka ka-gwapuhan! (baka gusto mo bayaran ko pa treatment mo! - and kahit ikaw pa ultimate crush ko, baka sampalin pa kita jan) And third, wala akong ginagawa sau no. (feeling ka!)

.......you know what I did? I dismissed it...

FOURTH... People who doesn't have the decency to reply when they initially started an important conversation. A few days ago, a Recruitment Officer sent me a text message asking if I still wanted to pursue an internal job application for a position I applied for which I then retracted, she asked for my preferred time to be interviewed over the phone which would happen on April 16. (Take note, the message was sent APRIL 16!!). With nothing to lose and a chance to get the promotion, I replied that I'd love to do the it and gave a time frame for the interview. I then followed up with another message asking if it was "tonight" (time message was received was in the afternoon) or "tomorrow."

....Two days passed. No interview. No reply from her. Pasalmat sya marami akong ginagawa these past two days at hindi ko sya ma-email. Lagot sya sakin sa Lunes. Red email ka sakin... CC ko pa sa mga manager! Tsk tsk!

AND THE LAST... Mga taong demanding... at mga taong di marunong mag-appreciate... We were asked to renovate the Site Board... for the client visit... Syempre, di ka naman pwedeng tumanggi dahil manager yung nagequest. With the deadline set at the end of the day... limited resources... three appointed persons and another wall waiting to be renovated... and the regular pile-up of reports... Sino ba namang hindi ma-iistress? Masakit mag-stretch ng braso ng lalo na't hindi pantay ung ginagawa mo, diba?

Pinasa ko na nga sa kasama ko ung reports ko para magawa ko to... And I have been doing this since the start of my shift, tapos hihiritan mo ako ng "ang tagal"?!?! Eh kung ikaw kaya gumawa nito? Baka nakaalis na at nakabalik na ng US ung client hindi ka pa tapos dyan. And take note when I said I'll finish this EOD, I said "hopefully" by the EOD! Sana a little consideration naman diba? Hindi nmn kasi ikaw ang phsyical na gumagawa neto eh. Nag-uutos ka lang...

I think you know kung sino yung taong di marunong mag-appreciate. She never uttered the words "thank you" from the time we started this shit. I know, its part of the job ("any task that will be given by the lead"), but then again, mas masaya at mas nakakatuwa at nakakagaan ng feeling na kahit pagod ka na.. may nakaka-appreciate pa diba? Much more kung ung taong yon eh yung nag-utos sau...

I'm looking forward to a happy week! Hopefully! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Double Header!

I was disappointed when his supposed date he mentioned in an American radio station for a Philippine visit did not push through... But then, ok lang. Naubos na pera ko don..

Now, it's confirmed... He's coming to Manila... And he's with someone!

David's! Back to back concert!

May 16, 2009
Mall of Asia Open Grounds!



Hala. 6:30 pm. I'm off to see John Legend!


I think I've seen this in a commercial... 

I just saw this again in downelink.. 

Plus the American version.. (I think the one they copied...)

Plus, the American version appears more "frozen" than the Pinoy version...

The Pinoy version @ Market Market

The American Version @ Grand Central


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour

All started with a city. Last year, it went GLOBAL.. Now we are doing it again! 

Ever since this started, I have become an advocate. 
Did this last year. 
I'm gonna do this again. 

Join us...

March 28, 2009 (Saturday)
Switch off your lights
8:30 - 9:30 pm (Your Local Time)

Do us.. or do me a favor... It's for an hour..

Help us save the world...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Barkada Trip!

was bored at work when i decided rummaging through my officemates bin. and there, i saw these little cute people. and to keep me awake and to lessen the boredom, i decided to take pictures of the barkada.

O ready na?

First formation! Barkadang barkada no!

Pyramid Formation!

Bangag! Bakit ka nakatumba ha!!?!

Lasing na lahat! Ha ha!

Barkada Trip.... Busted!

Harap sa kaliwa!

Harap sa kanan!

Mugshot ko. (In case your wondering, Sean's my first name...)

the four barkada trip characters are actually the four of us in the team. our tl. pero kalbo sya sa totoong buhay. ako. yung tayo-tayong buhok. and yung dalawang muses namin. he he.

sayang nga di nila kumpleto tong barkada na to. 
(these are characters from studio 23's barkada trip)

Now. Back to work!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Let Me See...

i was in the comfort room washing my face when an officemate came in.

"uy. ngayon lang kitang nakitang walang salamin..."

"ah. hindi. nakatanggal lang..."

"uy alam mo friend. mas bagay sau ng walang salamin.. magcontacts ka..."


"uu friend promise magcontacts ka.."

when i was near the door...

"magsasalamin na lang ako.. (smiling)"

i have received alot of comments about me not wearing glasses. they seem to appreciate my glasses-less eyes.. ha ha.

but i have been thinking about wearing contacts.

only i have been concerned of two things..

one.. poking my eyes witha thin sheet of lens..

and second.. unintentionally displacing it from where its supposed to stick on...

when i opened it to my mom, she was not into that idea.

she'd reason out... "tinutulugan mo nga ung salamin mo. tapos magk-contacts ka pa..."

i'd always end up silent... 

but one day. when she said that...

i'd thought of a very good reason for me to wear it while sleeping...

and it was...

"hindi ko kasi makita ng mabuti ung panaginip ko eh!"

...i say... i'd give it a try...