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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was in Trinoma last week strolling around when I heard someone playing when I passed by National Bookstore. I turned out that they were having music played at the ground floor lobby from 6 - 8 pm and on deck was a violinist and a guitarist. They made good combination and sounds together that I decided to sit for a while and listen. Relaxing.

And it came to my mind that I wanted to try something new. Play a musical instrument. The only instrument I learned to play was a flute and that was because it was required in school. So, I decided, I wanted to play the violin.

Now when I viewed a video of Samvel Yervinyan play the violin. I was struck with amazement. I can do this!

Yeah!! Now, all I need I a violin and a set of violin classes to get me going!!


wanderingcommuter said...

wish ko din talaga may talent ako sa music... swear!

love ko ang violin kesa sa guitar. balitaan mo naman ako kapag may nakuha kang violin classes

Looking For The Source said...

hey nagleave ako ng message sa messenger mo..