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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 17...

1792, German biologist and founding father embryology, Karl Ernst von Baer, born...

1954, Sexy The Thomas Crown Affair actress, Rene Russo, born...

1963, His Airness, Basketball Legend Michael Jordan, born...

1965, The Director of Transformers, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor - Michael Bay, born...

1970, Dominic Purcell, a.k.a. Lincoln Burrows... born

1971, Hot Starship Trooper and Pepsi Model Denise Richards... born..

1972, Green Day vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong... born...

1981, The Simple Life socialite and heiress Paris Hilton... born...

Three years later...

The Source.. Julian... out of my mom's womb... and into the world...

And don't forget....

1985, ang nag-iisang dyosa... Anne Curtis.. born..

Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apply na!

You wanna get a chance to get 50,000 pesos by just making love?

Nice deal right?

Nag-enjoy ka na. Pwede ka pang manalo ng 50,000!!

International condom maker - Durex, is looking for 500 condom testers!

and get a chance to win 50,000!

Apply na!

But wait.

There's another catch...

For married couples only!!
Ha ha ha!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Leave Your Belongings!

Huwag po natin kalimutan maiwan 
ang ating mga personal na kagamitan 
sa loob ng tricycle.

Tell me, TAMA ba na may MALI sa sticker na yan? I know they are trying to remind us, and that's a good thing. But then... mali talaga, diba?

Monday, February 9, 2009

And My Name Is...

I was walking my way home when I got a glance of  the electrical posts on my way studded with papers with different ads. What got me into thinking was these "tubero" posts... No. Not that it was too much but what I noticed was why does it have names on it? 

Does it even matter if a "Ramon" or an "Eddie" or perhaps a "Jade" fixes your faulty sink or your leaking faucets? Would a "Ramon" do better than an "Eddie" and would a "Jade" be the best of them all when it comes to twisting tubes and preventing leaks? It just doesn't make sense. Surely, when the guy arrives in your house, you could ask him his name. Or perhaps after you made the call, you could've asked for the plumbers name...

But the greener side of me had thought of a very feasible reason for the alleged name inclusion in the said ads. Hmmm. I haven't tried calling these numbers nor asking for one but it could be true. And how does the word "tubero" sound green to you? Sounds green to me! 

Would the name give you a feel? Or a hint? Hmmm... Let's say... the name "Andrew" is on the tubero ad... Sounds like your boy-next-door guy for hire? Who'll make the most out of foreplay and before getting it on... Or how about "Eddie"? Hmmm... Some forty-ish, beer-bellied feel? Or "Jade"? Feels like a tranny-dominatrix type... Scary!

I tried calling one of the numbers, see what happens. Unfortunately, the phone went dead. I'll try next time..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Valentine's Day Spirit

i told myself i that am not pressured. nor concerned about valentines. and as of this writing, i believe that valentines has been more commercialized with all the valentine themes and that crap. 

for bloggers, as the valentine's spirit looms nearer and nearer, what best way to get into the feel of it is to write their own valentine's story. may it be their childhood puppy love story. their blooming relationship. their past relationships. their heartbreaks. and just everything in between the letters L and E...

and me, the unconcerned, living my single life, happy, workaholic guy,  getting to read these posts, makes me feel single. more single. ha ha.

sabi ko na eh. wag magbasa ng posts na ganun eh. background music pa, "i stay in love"

in short. im going emo today. shit. 

**cheers to single awareness day**

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In The Concert Mood

My Concert feet are now back up!

With two upcoming concerts I would be certainly watching!

March 27... 

John Legend Evolver World Tour Live In Manila

John Legend sings If You're Out There at the 2008 Democratic National Convention...

A day after... March 27... 

Craig David will be rocking Araneta!!

One of his best! Unbelievable...

Oras na para mag-ipon! Go for VIP seats!!


Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you're out there
Sing along with me
If you're out there
I'm dying to believe that you're out there
Stand up and say it loud
If you're out there
Tomorrow's starting now
Now, now

- If you're out there (John Legend)

Welcome February! 
The Month of Love!

I feel no pressure... absolutely none at all..