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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tipsy Is Helping Me

I am tipsy. Yeah. But I'm not drunk.

I know where I am going. I can put the tips of my fingers with no problems. I can recite the ABC with no mistakes. But I kept on typing incorrectly.

I decided to do this post today, coz I feel that I can express myself better when I am drunk or tipsy, to be exact. As a proof, sentences are coming out perfectly as I walked myself home.

Now with an SML can beside me to keep me tipsy, I can continue writing.

This is the night of Daughtry. The American Idol. The breakthrough non-idol winner with such Billboard number 1 hits. I dressed up with my fave OUTDOOR orange shirt and headed for Cubao MRT. As agreed by my officemates.

6 PM was the call time. They are still in Boni. One was waiting for the train. The other was still at home. I sent a message to the officemate at home "Ateh, hindi sa Araneta ang concert. Sa Eastwood!". No pressure. That's what she (yes, both of them are she's!!)

Gulp Gulp.

Since I thought they'd be taking a lot of time. I decided to go to SB Araneta. Where my clanmates were actually doing a little bonding session. (Yes, I am a part of a clan - a G4M clan. I won't tell what clan it is. It is for you to find out). There they where. I grabbed a chair. Did the usual chitchats. Boyhunting sessions. Da who portions. And everything that bisexuals and gay men combined together can do (exclude the ORGY and everything that comes before that).

We were seated outside SB Araneta minding our own business. There was a pair of guys next to our table. About 2 meters away. They were talking. I never really paid attention to them. In fact, I never really did care. Whatever they talked about, they did or whatever crossed between their table was out of my business.

Then out of nowhere, a friend of them came. *Gulp* I recognized him. It was my former officemate. The friendly side of me made me stood up. Walked towards him and grabbed his elbow. He recognized me. "Oi. Kamusta na" "Ok lang" After those sentences, my head looked to the guy on my right. Shet, I recognize you. Fuck. My EX!

Hi. Hey. Oh musta. Long time no see ah. Uu nga eh. Musta ka na. Oh my God. My ex in front of me. We talked. No bitterness. No heart feelings. All light. All smooth. Took a chair. Sat down. We chatted like no one was there. Just the two of us. We exchanged numbers. And the talk went on again. It is as if nothing happened. I asked him. Oh nakailan ka na? I mean ex? Dalawa pa lang. Ikaw yung una. Ah. Eh ikaw? I never answered. Marami na no?

Kailan nga pala yun? Di ko matandaan eh. 2005? Hindi. Ang pagkakaalam ko graduating ka nun eh. Nag-aaral pa ako. Uu. 2005 yata yun. Ok sige 2004. He he. O ayun nga.

Everything was so smooth. NO questions about why we left each other. What went wrong. All that ex issues crap. Everything was so light. *Gulp gulp gulp* Everything just turned out well.

Until the time came. My officemates were already waiting. In front of the Araneta center. Bid farewell to the clan. Took my Ipod from one of my friends. Went to the other table. said goodbye to my former officemate. Said goodbye to my EX. Actually, kiniliti ko sya sa side. My usual way of saying goodbye. (My former officemate nga pala didn't know I was bisexual. I guess that's what I thought. But that doesn't really matter anymore. He's gay. I'm bisexual. Sooner or later, he'd find out. Our world's governed by six degrees of separation.)

I ran toward the Araneta Coliseum front. There they were waiting on a cab. I rode the cab. And off to Eastwood.

Let's get this part quick. *Gulp Gulp* Yes, I am gonna brag about Daughtry. I just love his bald head. And the facial hair. My fetish. And his voice. Heaven's gift to mainstream rock. Or pop-rock. Whatever. he sang the best songs. Over You. It's Not Over. Home. All These Lives. Breakdown. What About Now. Feels Like Tonight. Used To.

There was a part where he requested every camera present to take a shot on his count. Four Three Two One. Then he'd pose. Then all cameras were flashing. Such a great concert. The next time he comes back, I'll be on front row. Fighting my way for the drumsticks, his towel or even the feel of his hands. And perhaps being sprayed by the water. THE CONCERT WAS A BLAST. Btw, I think I saw Bianca Araneta. OMG, goddess indeed. Shet!

Can't get over the concert, we decided to drink. Headed to IL Pirata. Took a table. And then the menus were given. Hey. You. Waiter. Shet. Gwapo mo! Grabe. Damn. Nice chinito eyes. Nice skin. And the braces. You may not have facial hair. But damn, OMG. Shet.

Ka-badtrip nga lang. Straight mode ako. Kainis. Whenever he passes by, I'd look at him. He looks back. I can't sustain the look. He he. Mahiyain ako eh. Pero whenever I get the chance. Go. I'd look at him. I just can't make the move. I'm with people who thinks I am straight. Waaaah. So kinausap ko yung friend ko na may kakilala doon. Babalik tayo dito. With bekis. Make me drunk. I'll get your number. I'll make YOUR night! Give you what you want! Ha ha. *Gulp gulp*

During those times when we were drinking and me trying to make a connection (with that waiter), someone was sending me a message. Some unknown guy. Turned out to be my ex's friend, who was in SB. He liked me. He invited me to drinking sessions but I declined. Because I am already in one and I knew what will happen next. In some of his invitations, he included, "tabi ka sakin matulog." He even sent me a message asking me for SEX. He reasoned out that it was sent wrongly and it was his friend who texted.. damn. Oh cmon. Don't fool me. But then, he is kinda interesting. I just didn't notice him that much coz I was talking to my EX!!!!!!! Ha ha. *Gulp gulp*

Then the session ended. I think we were the last people to leave IL Pirata. With no name. No number. Nothing, Just a memory of his face. Waaah. My next target. HIM!

Here's a thought for you. What would you do if you meet your ex? Or if your ex's friend is interested in you??


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Memories in Detention

I was looking for my Laptop Blog about something cause I wanted to include it in my new post. Waaah. Never found it. May have been lost somewhere on the pages of Microsoft One Note. Anyways. I just wanted to take note of the date it was written. No plans of posting the whole article.

After the lifehouse concert, (I'm not gonna brag about how cute Jason Wade is, its just that the concert rocked! Weee. I partly lost my voice. Yeah! Lifehouse rocks.) my friend went home. I accompanied her on the way home. We took a taxi and I dropped her off at Boni. Nung binaba ko yung kaibigan ko sa Boni, akala nung driver na bababa na kami. Sabi ko sa kanya, sa taft po tayo, tuloy nyo lang yung metro. Aba humirit, dapat daw may dagdag trenta. Ano yun parang kumuha uli me ng bagong taxi? Dahil lang sa binaba ko yung kasama ko? Parang di naman tama yun. Pero dahil nagmamadali na ako dahil inaantay na ako ng kasama ko, pumayag na ako.

Papunta akong Malate nun. Matapos ang ang mahigit isang taon na hindi ko nakikita ang Malate, muli akong babalik. Ano na kaya itsura ng Malate ngayon? Lalo na ng Orosa-Nakpil intersection? Ano nang bagong clubs don? Marami pa rin kayang mga taong nagpupunta don? Habang iniisip ko ang mga bagay na yun, muling nagbalik sa isipan ko ang mga nangyari nung huli kong punta.

Since I was a call center agent - customer service support, it is very rarely that you get a Saturday night off. You would either need to file for VL, perhaps go on an SL or to have a regular Saturday night off, you need to brag about how good your metrics and fight for it everytime a shift bid happens. If your metrics are bad and down, then forget about the good stuff (the weekend offs). It was a blue moon for me. It was the change of schedules - transition. And lucky for me, there was a Saturday night off for us - a chance, a SINGLE Saturday night. Chance to visit Malate. I invited a couple of friends. Sent them messages. Most of them declined. But my bestfriend didn't. So did a long lost friend that I met sometime 2005 in Yahoo chatrooms (I bet you've been there too). So we did set the time. And agreed to be there.

As hours passed I became more excited. It was my treat. It was a night for me. So we met, the three of us. We walked and walked towards Remedios and decided to try to out a club named FAB (that was the time when Fabuloush was still at its peak). We stopped in front, checked out the prices and then said "We'll come back." As we were walking back to Orosa, my bestfried said that he needed to go home. Cause he was tired. I understood that. Cause before that he was already saying that if he got tired, I would let go of him and he can go home. I was very clear about that, he just have to tell me.

At yun, dahil sa pagod na raw sya, pinauwi ko na sya. Nagpaalam sya at umalis. Bago sya umalis sinabi nya na kaya daw sya aalis eh dahil may kausap syang guy kung saan eh makikipagkita sya. Bigla akong nainis. Sobra. Nilayasan ko sya. Sinama ko si CC (pangalan nung isa kong kaibigan na kasama ko) at bumalik kami s FAB. Hindi ako nagpaalam sa kanya. Pumasok kami sa FAB. Nagyosi. Uminom.

Sobra ang pagkainis ko. Ang usapan kasi kapag pagod ka na, walang usapan don. Sige pauuwiin ko sya. Kaso hindi eh. Bakit kailangan i-dahilan na pagod ka na para makipagkita sa isang lalake? Tapos nung gabi pang yon. Eh halos araw araw nakikipagkita sya sa kung sino sino eh. Eh alam nyang yun lang ang Sabadong wala akong pasok. Sobrang nainis ako sabi ko kay CC kelangan uminom tayo ng sobra. Nasira na ang gabi ko. Buti na lang at nandiyan si CC. Sabi nya, i-enjoy na lang ang gabi. Sayang naman ang pinunta mo dito.

So took a couple of drinks. Smoked a couple of sticks. And went out. There was not much people in the club. We walked and went to Fluid (for all I know, this was a straight bar. and became a gay bar ever since the closure of NYC). Was surprised that NYC has changed to the Rainbow Project. Was a big NYC tambay before but now, I dared not to go to Rainbow Project. It just seemed different. Bed's still there. Ha ha.

So we went to Fluid. I paid for the entrance. And the night started. The music. The beer. The smoke. We spent most of the time there. We danced. We watched. We hunted. We enjoy. Tried to forget about what happened. Did it thru beer. So the hours passed. We danced the night away. And I got drunk. Was almost four when we got out of the bar.

Sakit na ng ulo ko nun. Sobra. Inaya ako ni CC na kumain sa malapit na tapsilogan (Malamang alam nyo yun!). Bumili sya ng tapsi. Ako coke lang. Dahil sa pagkahilo ko, nakapatong ang ulo ko sa mesa. Malapit ng makatulog. Maya-maya ginigising ako ni CC. Nagtatanong "Ok ka lang?" Ako naman, sabi ko, "Ok lang ako?" Nung matapos syang kumain, may dumating.

Two of his friends came. Fresh from Bed. They talked. I was introduced. And they talked more. I didn't seem to care. My head was aching. They kept talked. And they invited him to go to Bed. He wanted to go. And since he can't leave me alone, he made me stand up, dragged me, and we walked towards Bed. His friend was holding CC's hand, and CC was hold me. Dragging me. I can't stop him. Felt so tired. And so drunk. When we got to the entrance, the guy who was checking wrists for stamps tried to look for mine. But I guess he realized that I was too drunk to show it. And besides, I don't even have one. But then they let me and CC in.

When we got it. I'm surprised. The bar is still packed. It's my first time to come in that bar. Normally, by 4 am, people in Malate start to go home. But in Bed, people dance there like there's no tomorrow. People doesn't seem to look at their watches. They just dance the night away until everybody tires out.

I felt it was coming out. Anti-peristaltic movement, that is. So I told CC "Where's the CR. I need the CR." He asked his friend where the CR is. It was on the second floor. So we went up. Got dragged again. Said excuse me a couple of times. Didn't matter who I bumped with. Never got the chance to say sorry to some people I bumped to. My mind was just looking for the CR.

At ayun. Nakarating din kami sa CR. Maron ngang dapat papasok sa CR. Nag-excuse lang kami dahil eto na eh. Palabas na. Siguro naintindihan nung lalake na palabas na. Kaya pasok agad ako. Sunod si CC. Sabay labas ng kung ano man. Kasabay nun ang pagbaba ng luha sa mga mata ko. Si CC naman patuloy sa pag-comfort sa akin. Salamat CC. Nagsorry na lang ako sa kanya dahil sa nangyari. Sabi nya ok lang yun. Naintindihan nya ang mga nangyari.

Matapos non. Lumabas kami ng CR. Medyo OK na ako. Hinayaan ko na syang sumama sa mga kaibigan nya. Samantalang ako ay nakatayo sa harap ng rails. Tinitignan ang mga taong nagsasayaw. At nagkakariran.

It was the end of the night. And the end of my Malate days.

Akala ko lang.

Muli akong bumalik sa realidad. Nasa taft na pala kami. Bumaba ako sa Pedro Gil. Nilakad papuntang Rob Manila, at nakipagkita sa mga kaibigan ko. Ayun. Muling nabuhay ang nightlife ko.

Not too bad for someone coming back to Malate. A lot has changed. But the memories are still there.

It was the night of "Detention"

After that incident. Nagkaaway kami ng bestfriend ko. May mga issues na lumabas at napag-awayan. Hindi kami nag-usap ng matagal.

Pero kailan lang, mag isang buwan ang nakararaan. Ok na uli kami.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Only One...

Left the office coupla minutes before ten to meet with my officemate who is on her off. Off to MOA. MOA here we come. We first took a restroom break. Then off to the bus. The usual traffic. The usual morning heat. The usual friday morning.

Then there was the big globe. MOA. At dahil alam kong ilalagay ko to sa blog ko, (nakalista na) i took a picture of MOA. Yung sa kabilang side nga lang. Kasi nakalimutan ko eh.

We then looked for the place. The place. Where we shall meet him. Atrium - Main Building. There was already a stall, selling CDs. We purchased our own CDs. Had our seats reserved and off to wandering. With a mall that big, you could easily get lost, like I do.

So to buy the time. Since the meet-up will be at 5 pm, we strolled and strolled and strolled for the next couple of minutes to more than an hour. We dropped by my favorites shops. Checked on some good clothes - the prices I mean. And talked about these guys we are about to meet later. Then we starved. And we satisfied our hunger. We ate sizzling food sa food court. She forced me to eat dun. Was craving for Delifrance. Tapos yung mais con hielo pa eh ang tabang. Argh. Anyways...

Still, lots of time to waste pa. Stroll mode. Walk mode. Window shop mode. Nothing purchased. Just looked. Then we finally got tired.

---and i'm tired too.. so i'll continue this tomorrow---

---good morning. fresh na fresh. let's continue---

So when got tired we sat down at one of the seats available. Ayan I took a picture again. He he. Tumambay kami dyan for around an hour. She was watching IT crowd episodes on my Ipod. Tapos ako naman laro ng Naruto sa PSP (badtrip lagi talo!). We talked about plaid shorts, yung mga friends kong nagpaparinigan thru text because of a guy, loans, and people passing by.
It was after an hour when we decided na umalis dun at bumalik sa Atrium. Before we got there, we passed by the Beijing 2008 Exhibit. Nandun yung mga happenings sa Beijing. Mga Filipino winners. Places kung saan ginanap ung mga previous Olympics. And the mascots. One guy, a Chinese I presume, gave us a set of bookmarks, each with a picture of one of the 5 mascots. I kinda find them cute. So I took pictures of them. He he.
(From L to R: Yingying, Beibei, Jingjing, Nini, Huanhuan [in Pinoy > Pirena!])

So much for the Beijing 2008 sidetrip. When we got there, there already a couple of people. Aba, kameet din nila? We noticed, na sila, may orange strips sa arm nila. Kami wala. They also had this small poster or card that was given to them after they purchased the CD. So lapit ang friend ko. Inquire to the max. At seconds later, meron na rin kami. Then a few minutes later, pumasok na kami sa loob. Got seated and waited for 2 hours for them.

While we were waiting. I got to my boyhunting mode again. No need to search actually. He already there. He was wearing a baby blue long-sleeved barong. He was wearing his ID - his ID lace labelled SM and two phones dangling along with his ID. I realized he was from SM that was helping set up the event. And while the actual guys weren't there yet, sya muna ang tinitignan ko. He has this white skin. Not so chinito eyes. And an almost fixed hair. Gusto ko ngang kunan ng picture kaso wag na lang. Akin na lang sya. Wahahaha. So my eyes were following him. For most of the time.

The DJ, which sounds very familiar to me, was talking about the videos and thanking the sponsors. Waaah. Ang tagal. We sat for two hours waiting for them. Inaantok na nga ako dun eh. At dahil sa wala akong magawa, nagpicture picture na lang uli ako..

Ang orange band na binibigau para makapasok ka...

At ang may sala kung bakit kami nag-aantay ng matagal...

The crowd became a little ecstatic when they saw the guys came. We stood up. Became very excited. Tapos etong kasama ko sobrang comment kasi naka-shades daw si Jason Wade. At ang gwapo gwapo daw. Didn't see him. Until pumunta sila sa likod ng stage. And as usual. VIP muna. Naisip ko. Astig talaga pag mayaman ka. Daming connection. Damn. But anyways, may thrill pa rin ung nag-eeffort kang makita sila nu. Mas fulfilling.

And the DJ starts jabbering again. Thanks the sponsors. Mentions about the concert. Talks about "no picture or video taking on the stage", and all that. JUST GET THEM HERE!!!

And then finally, they came out!!! Waaaaah! They were introduced one by one.. First was the extra guitarist that they will have for the concert, forgot his name. The the other guitarist Bryce Soderberg.. The the drummer Rick (complicated last name)... Then finally, vocalist... JASON WADE... Weeee. Everybody's so ecstatic. Shet. Ang gwapo ni Jason Wade. Cute. Gwapo. Perfect. Love his clean-shaved facial hair - fetish ko eh! Waaaaah.

They made short statements. Posed for the cameras. And, of course, meron din kami. It was my friend who was taking pictures. I was taking a video of them. Ha ha.

The extra guitarist of the band. Sorry forgot his name...

Bryce saying a couple of words..

Energetic drummer Rick...

At ang future tatay ng anak ko... Jason Wade (in my dreams..)

After the short speeches. They sat down. And the autograph signing started. As we were nearing the line. Ayan na. Malapit na. Face to face. Waaaah. Ako na. Handed out the album... Jason signed it, passed it on to Rick... then to Bryce... then to the last one... Syempre. Kelangan kong mahawakan mga hands nyan. Kamay kamay. Weeeeee. Shet! Starstruck ako. Jason was all smiles and charm. Rick was all energy and perkiness (Yeah!) and Bryce was all smile and pacute din. Ha ha... Nice meeting you. Nice meeting you... I went down the stage nervous and struck. Mahal ko na sya! Wahahahaha...

Ready to sign...

And the finished product...

We waited until natapos ung autograph signing. We watched and stared at them when they went to the bathroom. When they went out of the mall and rode their Chrysler. It was only when the Chrysler drove off that the fever ended. Bye bye Jason Wade. See you later sa concert...


Nung umuwi kami, it was clogged up sa MRT..(Talk about the real human trafficking!) Although everybody's stressed and naiinis, kami nung kasama ko, wala, sayang saya. Heaven na heaven. Thanks to Jason Wade.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Male Twins

was checking on my officemates zune when i came across his pictures. he's not gay nor bi. he's actually straight. and has a family. a beautiful wife and two goodlooking kids (and i'm not gonna talk about how cute his kids are, talk about pedophiles! choz!). there were several family pictures taken in a studio where they were all in white. all happy. all smiles. and all poised and ecstatic for the camera.

and it came to my mind. gusto ko din mag-ka-family. i wanted kids. i don't wanna adopt one. kasi feeling ko parang hindi ako yun eh. i wanted kids na galing sa genes ko. from my lineage. from me. i want them to get some of my features. of my mom's features. and some more. i wanted male twins. although they aren't as easy to handle as baby girls, they are, i think, less magastos. eh babae, andaming ka-kikayan. pero with the society today, aba parang mas maraming pang ka-kikayan ang lalake (minus the napkins and tampons!). but i don't want them to grow up like me. well siguro wag lang effem. (e parang gurl n rin yun eh). basta. sometimes, it comes to my mind na gusto ko rin magka-family.

eto pa. although i am not pressured about passing my last name to the next generation. i kinda feel it. my eldest sibling, which is my sister, already has 2 sons. they won't get our last name obviously. they are a happy family. my brother, which is next, has a daughter! she would, by-law, carry our last name. but when she gets married and have kids, her kids won't have our last name. in short. katapusan na ng last name namin! well, at least sa family namin. eh pano kung hindi magkaanak ng lalake ung kuya ko? (not obviously him, but his wife, for the love of God!) patay ako nyan!

waaaah. i-legalize ang cloning! yun ang solusyon! i remembered misterhubs' post (happy father's day). na-touch ako dun. sana pagdating ng gnung taon, when trips to mars eh isang tumbling lang, eh pwede na yung gnun...

hayz. kau? wanna have kids too?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Boiling Point

I met this guy in G4M (as usual). He first made a move by sending me a message.

hey "LFTS"! i must say you look sooooooo cute on your pics (i'm not bluffing, haha!)...mind if we get to know ourselves more? i'm JL, btw...

At the back of my mind, and as what I would always reply... "Have you taken a second look? Or try wearing glasses?" (My pictures are not photoshopped, btw. I just happen to screen a lot of pictures first and choose the best and post it on my G4M account.)

I already did. And my opinion won't change. :) here's my YM id if you would: **********

That same day we exchanged messages in G4M, we chatted in YM. Talked about a lot of things. His work. My work. How he got his laptop pawned coz he was trying to put 3 OS's in one laptop. Music. Pretty much everything under the sun.

"so now we've got lots of things in common"

The next day. Ms. Universe. We got to talk again. We talked about, oh make a guess, the Ms. Universe. The pageant. The finalists. USA's deja vu. And everything about it. Until he invited me out for a dinner party.

"are you free tomorrow night? can I invite you for a dinner date sa ayala?"

It was somewhere in Ayala. He was hosting an event. While we were waiting, after food was served, we talked about a lot of things. There was a some point that he touched the back of my head, more like a pat on the back. Spark! Then the minutes passed. The script was handed over. Then a friend of him came. Minutes later he was talking to the DJ and crew about coordinating the music and all that. Then the talks were done.

He was busy thinking about his lines when I told him about my history... (see my post "My History")... I'd skip this part...

He was feeling kind of nervous. Alhtough he was used to hosting events. I grabbed his hand and assured him that everything's gonna be fine.

Then the event started. He hosted the event. Went bad. Went good. Then it was finished. Nothing realy spectacular about the event. Just a simple one. He he.

After his hosting services are done. We left the party. Its because his friend has work to do. (Working as a cameraman in a TV station - ABS-CBN or GMA, goodluck). His van came, we joined them and drove off. JL and me sat at the back. We sat close to each other even if JL warned me that..

"Sa (****) discreet yan. Kaya dapat discreet tayo ha?"

But at the back of the van, he held my hands. I held his hands too. They were supposed to pick up the reporter in Boni. With that on hand, we decided to be dropped off on TP Shaw and visit Starbucks there. Unfortunately, we ended up going to McDonalds coz there were people in the coffee shop he doesn't wanna see...

We sat in front off each other. We talked and talked and talked. Looked at each others eyes. Stared. Until he got sleepy. I don't wanna end the day.

You wanna go somewhere?

Sure. Where?

Kahit san? Para makatulog ka.

Di pwede sa haus eh. Kasama ko ka-boardmate ko.

O sige san.

Tara. Sa (***).

O tara cge.

We went out of McDonalds. Took a cab. And went somewhere. We held hands tightly. I kissed him on the cheek. And eventually on the lips. It was not until the third try when we got a room. He was just supposed to sleep. (But hell, what do you do in a hotel/motel? Wahahaha...) While he was in his sando and boxers and I was still fully dressed, both lying down, he came near me and started kissing me. Who was I not to succumb to him. I'm feeling horny as hell (honestly). And then we flew to heaven. The sex was good. We were just about to do another one, but we didn't have time. (Pasaway).

We ended the day at around 8 am, when everybody else was just starting theirs. We took our own ways with him riding a jeep and me riding the MRT. We said our byes and left. We texted a little but he fell asleep coz he had to work a few hours later. For me, I skipped work. Ha Ha. He even told me that I left him a souvenir - a hickey!

Few days passed, whenever I see him online, I would instantly send him a private message. At most, he wouldn't reply. Sometimes, he would say..


One time I asked him if we could go again sometimes. He said...

Not now, but soon.

I would send him text messages he wouldn't reply. Until one day I said...

Iniiwasan mo ba ako?

Hey, I told u I'm a busy guy. Masanay k n s akin. Kakauwi ko lang frm work. Wag k nang magalet ha?

I'm very sleepy now. I'll talk 2 u in the morning. I promise. Gudnyt!

I let it pass. Thinking that he was really a busy guy. Then came morning. No text. No message. No G4M message. Nada. I tried to send him a few messages. Still no reply. The day ended. Still nada. Damn.

Then finally. Boiling point. I sent him one final message. And I decided that if he doesn't reply before the end of the day, I'd totally go over him. I'd forget about him. Pretended nothing happened. Nothing common. No spark. Nothing.

Gnun kb tlga kbusy n magreply man lng s txt d m0 mgwa? Hayz.

I've finished writing this post 12:20 am. At this point, I should be forgetting him for 20 minutes now. But I can't...

Laptop Blogs Revisited

I just thought I'd share you what were the contents (some) of my Laptop Blogs.. ha ha..

Last year, I made a list of the Best Laptop Blog Quotes I have written... Written a year and 8 days ago...

Got so many things to do. But hey, relax.

Have a game! Life's a game! Play on!!

10:00 PM 7/12/2007

Hayz. Been a long time since I last wrote here. And as usual. I am still jobless. I turned down (actually I wasn’t accepted - but they called me and said that if I do pass the standard of their VP, they would hire me) the microbiologist offer. There's just too much at stake. You'd be running a lab without any supervision. And I mean "without" - nada, zero, zilch, nothing. And you'd be handling foods that should be microbiologically tested before released to the general public. And she (the one who interviewed me) said that there is no room for errors!

How can that be? They wont find a perfect one. Even their past microbiologist committed mistakes yet he/she has worked in pharmaceutical companies before. Her messages are so contrasting. We ended up saying what qualifications they are looking for, and if I ever had known anyone with their standards, let them know. Hell no! Let them look for themselves! After turning me down, you expect me to look for you? How could you? There's no way! If youre looking for a microbiologist, I would suggest you advertise in the classified sections of newspapers or just advertise. But honestly, I hope you don’t find any. Hahaha. The devil in me laughs again.

The past two days has been too scientific. I attended an Annual Convention sponsored by the National Academy of Science and Technology. It was not as informative as other seminars and conferences. They should've invited education majors and all science and math teachers for the elementary and secondary levels because the topic was more of science and math education empowerment and strengthening. But hey, at least, you got to handshake with the very professional Che-Che Lazaro, exec of The Probe Team. And I got certificates.. credentials indeed. Plus, I got to bond with my microbiology friends and see my former professors.

Other than attending the seminar, I do what I always do - SIGHT-SEEING. Was so surprised that there were a lot of cute guys who are math and science geeks. Ha ha ha… That's so much fun. There's just a bunch of them. They are so yummy. Imagine having sex in a laboratory, ha! And also one guy that stole my "senses" was not a participant, but a waiter. Cute eyes, hairs good, and the face is so sensually hard and makes me so horny. His name? KHEN. That is with an "H". Nice name. Never even got to say goodbye to you. Hope we meet again, on bed.

Got so many things to do. But hey, relax. Have a game! Life's a game! Play on!!

Copied and pasted exactly. With the grammatical errors and all that. May isang paragraph nga lang ako na tinanggal.. Too personal. And of course, my name, actually, my G4M name..

Thursday, July 17, 2008


A friend of mine sent this to me... wala akong magawa kaya pinost ko na lang...

Nakakatawa talaga ang love. Isa siya

napakalaking oxymoron. Lahat ng pwede mong
masabi sa kanya, baliktarin mo at totoo pa rin.
Ang labo di ba? Pero ang linaw.

Masaya magmahal. Malungkot magmahal. Di mo
naiintindihan pero naiintindihan mo. Walang
rason. Maraming rason. Di mo na kaya, pero
mo pa rin. Masakit magmahal. Pero okey lang.

Leche, ano ba talaga?!

May kaibigan ako, sabi niya dati “Love is only
stupid people.” Nakakatawa kasi cumlaude ang

standing niya, pero dumating ang panahon, na-in-
love din ang hunghang. At ayun, tanga na siya

Lahat kasi ng nahahawakan ng love nagiging
oxymoron din. O kaya paminsan, nagiging moron

Hindi lang kasi basta baliktaran ang pag-ibig.
Lahat ng bagay nababaligtad din niya. Lahat ng
malalakas na tao, humihina. Ang mayayabang,
nagpapakumbaba. Ang mga walang pakialam,
nagiging Mother Theresa.

Ang mga henyo, nauubusan ng sagot. Ang
malulungkot, sumasaya. Ang matitigas,
lumalambot. (At tumitigas din ang mga bagay na
madalas nama’y malambot.)

Nakakatawa talaga. Lalo na kapag dumadating
siya sa mga taong ayaw na talaga magmahal. Napansin
ko nga eh. Parang kung gusto mo lang ma-in-love
ulit, sabihin mo lang ang magic words na “Ayoko
na ma-in-love!” biglang WACHA! Ayan na siya.
Nang-aasar. Magpapaasar ka naman.

Di ba nakakatawa rin na pagdating sa problema ng
ibang tao, ang galing galing mo? Pero pag
problema mo na yung pinag-uusapan parang
nawawalan ng saysay lahat ng ipinayo mo dun sa
namomroblemang tao? Naiisip mong wala namang
mali dun sa mga sinabi mo. Pero bakit parang
wala ring tama?

Bali-baliktad din ang nagsasabi ng mga taong
tinamaan ng madugong pana ng pag-ibig. “Ngayon
ko lang nalaman ganito pala. Sabi ko na
eh!” “Ang sarap
mabuhay. Pwede na ko mamatay.

Now na!”

At hindi lang yon. Ang sarap din pagtawanan ng
mga taong alam naman nilang masasaktan lang sila
eh magpapatihulog pa rin sa bangin
ng pag-ibig.

Tapos pag luray-luray na yung puso nila, syempre
hindi sila yung may kasalanan. Siya! “Bakit
niya ko sinaktan?” May kasama pang pagsuntok
sa pader
yon, at pagbabagsak ng pinto.

Hayop talaga.

Mauubos ang buong magdamag ko kakasabi ng mga
bagay na nakakatawa pag pag-ibig na ang pinag-
uusapan. Ang daming beses ko na kasi siyang
nakakasalubong kaya masasabi ko nang eksperto na
ko. Pero wala pa rin akong alam.

Pero ang pinakanakakatawa sa lahat ay ang
katotohanang kapag gusto magpatawa ng pag-ibig,
ipusta mo na lahat ng ari-arian mo dahil
siguradong ikaw ang punchline.

Nakakatawa no?


Hay life...

....So True