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Monday, July 14, 2008

Latinas rule the Universe!

Ms. Venezuela. Ms Universe.

Latinas totally ruled this year's Ms. Universe. Mexico. Dominican Republic. Colombia.

They ruled the stage. The bumped everybody out. They stood out.

And I loved it.

Woke up early this morning, intentionally, to watch Ms. Universe. Well, it has been a habit for me to watch it every year. Makes me straight once every 365 days. The body, beauty and everything else.

And one thing, I was very eager to watch this year's competition because of a G4M guy who kept bragging about Ms. USA as the next Ms. Universe (for all G4M users, thread posters and thread starters, you know very much who I am pertaining to). Yeah, she has a nice body. Walks good. But, nah, I'd rather go for Korea than USA.

Then came the Top 15. Got included. Swimwear competition, nice score
(along with Spain and South American finalists)... Then the Top 10 were announced. There she goes again... Then the evening gown... "USA" she's not there "USA" there she comes.. and then "dafang!" She fell down!

Fishy trick! Stupid stunt! Now it didn't work for her. She got a low evening gown score. Much worse, she didn't make it to the Top 5.

Someone has been eating his words since the fall...

Buti nga sa kanya. Feeling kasi. Hmpf! And now, threads against him have been made. Kainin nya ngaun pinag-sasabi nya. (Affected? Wahahaha. Ang yabang kasi eh...)

Anyways, cheers to Ms. Venezuela, the new Miss Universe!


erin de la cruz said...

Hahaha! I saw her on Tyra Baks Show. I-ninterview siya ni Tyra. She was funny that time. I just don't know ngayon. Lalo na't napadapa siya. Havent watched the Universe. May repeat ba nito?

Mugen said...

Waah hindi ako makarelate. Ehehe. Pero napilitan akong mag-check sa Miss U threads sa G4 para i-stalk ka dun. Lol.

Looking For The Source said...

<< erin >>

meron yata ng gabi. or you can check you tube (yung mismong pagfall ni Ms. USA). i actually feel bad about her. nainis lang ako kasi nga ung G4M guy na kept bragging about her..

<< mugen >>

ha ha. tlga lng ha! nakita mo nmn kaya ako? andaming nagpopost dun. he he.. pero kita ko na profile mo. buti di ka supporter kundi nalaman mo kung cno ako. he he.

CoutureCarrie said...

I was glad Venezuela won as well . . . Do you think USA really fell on purpose?

Looking For The Source said...

<< couturecarrie >>

yeah. i would really think they did it on purpose. c'mon, for a Ms USA winner, wouldnt you be trained to walk properly, without falling? not matter what you are wearing?

and this is deja vu.. it wouldnt be a big issue if another contestant fell, but its Ms USA... another Ms. USA...

well at least, that what i think.

thanks for dropping my carrie!