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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dahil Electronic na si Manong...

was feeling good today since someone asked me out on a date although its my first day of my work week. had my dinner. took a shower. dressed up. fixed my hair. turned off my pc. now i'm off to work.

since i left the house early, i had to take the bus - to save, although it's pay day tomorrow. sayang din ang 150 ano. took the bus. and then manong konduktor came.

gave out P50 and i said "boni" (ha! now you know where i work!). he took my money. clicked on something on his electronic device. peeled the printout and gave the change to me.

i would constantly look at the price. nung peel off tickets pa, i would add them up to make sure tama yung binigay sakin. this time, no need to do the adding, you just have to look at the value.

P31.50. OMG! trenta'y-uno-singkwenta na? bente syete lang to ah. i already knew there was a fare hike (8.50 na sa jeep, di ba?), but to be this high... is OMG! 5 pesos. we all know wala ka ng mabibili sa piso pero grabe nmn.. limampiso! (btw, 18 pesos ung sinuhli nya. that makes it 32)

ganun na ba kamahal ang langis ha? o siguro dahil naging electronic na rin ang pagtiticket nila na gumagastos pa cla ng dagdag sa ink, papel and electricity para i-charge ung device nila.. argh! kainis.

argh! ewan ko. nainis lang ako. hayz. hirap ng buhay. makapag-starbucks nga muna... choz!


erin de la cruz said...

I always take the bus whenever I am in TIPID mode. Hahaha. Wits ko knows kung bakit 12 pesos pa rin ang pamasahe ko from my place Welcome Rotonda to UP. Di ba may fare hike na? LOL

Mugen said...

I lost track of how much the fare is nowadays. Ehehe. Basta lagi kong dinadasal,

"sana sapat po ang barya ko para makauwi." e


chyng said...

Boni, so might as well your office is in Cybergate. Either you're from caloocan or paranaque? (tamang calculation naman ang hirit ko thru your cab and bus fares) haha

Nweis, thanks for adding me to your blog list. I'll be back here! (--,)

Looking For The Source said...

<< erin >>

ha ha ha.. baka wala pa sila nung taripa? ako always on tipid mode. kahit may sweldo oh wala...

<< mugen >>

tama ka dyan. kelangan makauwi! ha ha..

<< chyng >>

youre right about the office. cybergate. pero sa home.. mali. he he he.. di ko sasabihin kung malapit o malayo. har har.

thanks guys for the comments and dropping by!


chyng said...

sayang, mali ako ng hula.. dbale i know naman which company you are engaged with. (--,)

Looking For The Source said...

<< chyng >>

cge nga? anong company? maraming companies dun ah! he he he...

ian said...

hahaha. i didn't know that the jeepney fare is now 8.50, ang mahal na!

yeah, go to starbucks, relax and try not to think about the inflation! hahaha.

now i seriously miss manila.

Looking For The Source said...

<< ian >>

hi ian. uu. kanina nga eh siningil na ako ng 8.50 ha ha ha.

you should visit us here sometimes and experience the inflation! ha ha..

thanks for dropping by ian!

chyng said...

telecomms, working for everything under the sun! (--,)

Looking For The Source said...

<< chyng >>

wahahah.. hindi ko sasabihin kung tama or mali..

maraming companies dun eh. hehe

mink said...

ito ang dahilan kung bakit ako namulubi sa pamasahe nung last vacation ko!!!

kainis ang mahal na ng pamasahe