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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Laptop Blogs Revisited

I just thought I'd share you what were the contents (some) of my Laptop Blogs.. ha ha..

Last year, I made a list of the Best Laptop Blog Quotes I have written... Written a year and 8 days ago...

Got so many things to do. But hey, relax.

Have a game! Life's a game! Play on!!

10:00 PM 7/12/2007

Hayz. Been a long time since I last wrote here. And as usual. I am still jobless. I turned down (actually I wasn’t accepted - but they called me and said that if I do pass the standard of their VP, they would hire me) the microbiologist offer. There's just too much at stake. You'd be running a lab without any supervision. And I mean "without" - nada, zero, zilch, nothing. And you'd be handling foods that should be microbiologically tested before released to the general public. And she (the one who interviewed me) said that there is no room for errors!

How can that be? They wont find a perfect one. Even their past microbiologist committed mistakes yet he/she has worked in pharmaceutical companies before. Her messages are so contrasting. We ended up saying what qualifications they are looking for, and if I ever had known anyone with their standards, let them know. Hell no! Let them look for themselves! After turning me down, you expect me to look for you? How could you? There's no way! If youre looking for a microbiologist, I would suggest you advertise in the classified sections of newspapers or just advertise. But honestly, I hope you don’t find any. Hahaha. The devil in me laughs again.

The past two days has been too scientific. I attended an Annual Convention sponsored by the National Academy of Science and Technology. It was not as informative as other seminars and conferences. They should've invited education majors and all science and math teachers for the elementary and secondary levels because the topic was more of science and math education empowerment and strengthening. But hey, at least, you got to handshake with the very professional Che-Che Lazaro, exec of The Probe Team. And I got certificates.. credentials indeed. Plus, I got to bond with my microbiology friends and see my former professors.

Other than attending the seminar, I do what I always do - SIGHT-SEEING. Was so surprised that there were a lot of cute guys who are math and science geeks. Ha ha ha… That's so much fun. There's just a bunch of them. They are so yummy. Imagine having sex in a laboratory, ha! And also one guy that stole my "senses" was not a participant, but a waiter. Cute eyes, hairs good, and the face is so sensually hard and makes me so horny. His name? KHEN. That is with an "H". Nice name. Never even got to say goodbye to you. Hope we meet again, on bed.

Got so many things to do. But hey, relax. Have a game! Life's a game! Play on!!

Copied and pasted exactly. With the grammatical errors and all that. May isang paragraph nga lang ako na tinanggal.. Too personal. And of course, my name, actually, my G4M name..


erin de la cruz said...

Hmmm. You miss KHEN? Hahaha! Ginagawa ko rin yang BOYHUNTING na yan. Hay! Bwisit nga lang.

mink said...

hey source...

microbiologist ka???

kaintriga, microbiologist din ako... kelangan kasi namin ng isa pang analyst dito sa saudi, haha... baka interested ka?

maraming boys dito...


seriously. kung intersted ka lang naman.

ok po good day (teka bka magkakilala pala tayo, haha o kaya nagkita na. kaloka.)


Mugen said...

Haha opportunity knocks when you least expect it nga naman. Hehe.

Looking For The Source said...

<< erin >>

what better way to kill the boredan than to boyhunt? ha ha... well, daydreaming perhaps... but compare it to the real thing! ha ha...

<< mink >>

bio grad ako. may units lang ako sa micro (ms micro. stopped.) waaah. ayoko umalis ng bansa. kung ikaw homesick na eh, ano pa ako. pero kung boys ang pag-uusapan, y not? choz

<< mugen >>

true. even guys, they knock only once. choz!

mink said...


syempre kasama sa buhay OFW yung homesick kuya. but if youre happy na sa kinalalagyan mo, of course dun ka dapat diba, kasi wala ngang assurance kung magugustuhan mo ang buhay OFW, well if ur interested lang naman, wala naman itong pilitan, hehehe.

hindi mapapantayan ng pera at success ang happiness.

eugene said...

it never occured to me that you were a biograd :) tapos you're in it now? :)

Looking For The Source said...

<< mink >>

uu nga eh. gusto ko pag nagibang bansa... vacation lang.. sosyalan ba? hahaha

<< eugene >>

actually, hindi. frustrated med stud. choz. he he...