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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Boiling Point

I met this guy in G4M (as usual). He first made a move by sending me a message.

hey "LFTS"! i must say you look sooooooo cute on your pics (i'm not bluffing, haha!)...mind if we get to know ourselves more? i'm JL, btw...

At the back of my mind, and as what I would always reply... "Have you taken a second look? Or try wearing glasses?" (My pictures are not photoshopped, btw. I just happen to screen a lot of pictures first and choose the best and post it on my G4M account.)

I already did. And my opinion won't change. :) here's my YM id if you would: **********

That same day we exchanged messages in G4M, we chatted in YM. Talked about a lot of things. His work. My work. How he got his laptop pawned coz he was trying to put 3 OS's in one laptop. Music. Pretty much everything under the sun.

"so now we've got lots of things in common"

The next day. Ms. Universe. We got to talk again. We talked about, oh make a guess, the Ms. Universe. The pageant. The finalists. USA's deja vu. And everything about it. Until he invited me out for a dinner party.

"are you free tomorrow night? can I invite you for a dinner date sa ayala?"

It was somewhere in Ayala. He was hosting an event. While we were waiting, after food was served, we talked about a lot of things. There was a some point that he touched the back of my head, more like a pat on the back. Spark! Then the minutes passed. The script was handed over. Then a friend of him came. Minutes later he was talking to the DJ and crew about coordinating the music and all that. Then the talks were done.

He was busy thinking about his lines when I told him about my history... (see my post "My History")... I'd skip this part...

He was feeling kind of nervous. Alhtough he was used to hosting events. I grabbed his hand and assured him that everything's gonna be fine.

Then the event started. He hosted the event. Went bad. Went good. Then it was finished. Nothing realy spectacular about the event. Just a simple one. He he.

After his hosting services are done. We left the party. Its because his friend has work to do. (Working as a cameraman in a TV station - ABS-CBN or GMA, goodluck). His van came, we joined them and drove off. JL and me sat at the back. We sat close to each other even if JL warned me that..

"Sa (****) discreet yan. Kaya dapat discreet tayo ha?"

But at the back of the van, he held my hands. I held his hands too. They were supposed to pick up the reporter in Boni. With that on hand, we decided to be dropped off on TP Shaw and visit Starbucks there. Unfortunately, we ended up going to McDonalds coz there were people in the coffee shop he doesn't wanna see...

We sat in front off each other. We talked and talked and talked. Looked at each others eyes. Stared. Until he got sleepy. I don't wanna end the day.

You wanna go somewhere?

Sure. Where?

Kahit san? Para makatulog ka.

Di pwede sa haus eh. Kasama ko ka-boardmate ko.

O sige san.

Tara. Sa (***).

O tara cge.

We went out of McDonalds. Took a cab. And went somewhere. We held hands tightly. I kissed him on the cheek. And eventually on the lips. It was not until the third try when we got a room. He was just supposed to sleep. (But hell, what do you do in a hotel/motel? Wahahaha...) While he was in his sando and boxers and I was still fully dressed, both lying down, he came near me and started kissing me. Who was I not to succumb to him. I'm feeling horny as hell (honestly). And then we flew to heaven. The sex was good. We were just about to do another one, but we didn't have time. (Pasaway).

We ended the day at around 8 am, when everybody else was just starting theirs. We took our own ways with him riding a jeep and me riding the MRT. We said our byes and left. We texted a little but he fell asleep coz he had to work a few hours later. For me, I skipped work. Ha Ha. He even told me that I left him a souvenir - a hickey!

Few days passed, whenever I see him online, I would instantly send him a private message. At most, he wouldn't reply. Sometimes, he would say..


One time I asked him if we could go again sometimes. He said...

Not now, but soon.

I would send him text messages he wouldn't reply. Until one day I said...

Iniiwasan mo ba ako?

Hey, I told u I'm a busy guy. Masanay k n s akin. Kakauwi ko lang frm work. Wag k nang magalet ha?

I'm very sleepy now. I'll talk 2 u in the morning. I promise. Gudnyt!

I let it pass. Thinking that he was really a busy guy. Then came morning. No text. No message. No G4M message. Nada. I tried to send him a few messages. Still no reply. The day ended. Still nada. Damn.

Then finally. Boiling point. I sent him one final message. And I decided that if he doesn't reply before the end of the day, I'd totally go over him. I'd forget about him. Pretended nothing happened. Nothing common. No spark. Nothing.

Gnun kb tlga kbusy n magreply man lng s txt d m0 mgwa? Hayz.

I've finished writing this post 12:20 am. At this point, I should be forgetting him for 20 minutes now. But I can't...


Mugen said...

Sad to say but it happens. Been there, felt that, in the end, I learned how to protect my emotions. I'm close to being a master in denying my feelings.

mink said...

oh my gulay... love ito.

na infect ka. i really can feel your frustrations at ... hmmmp

so melodramtic. tama si joms nangyayari talaga ang mga bagay na ganito.

hope everythings gonna be alright LFTS!


ian said...

just charge it to experience, nag enjoy nman kayo pareho. since he failed to see you the way you saw him, think of it as his loss na lang. madami pa dyan.


erin de la cruz said...

"Hey, I told u I'm a busy guy. Masanay k n s akin. Kakauwi ko lang frm work. Wag k nang magalet ha?

I'm very sleepy now. I'll talk 2 u in the morning. I promise. Gudnyt!"

--> FUCK! =(

Naku! Namiss ko tuloy yung Canadian chatmate ko. We used to chat for months. It was on the 21st of June when we last chatted. Sayang. Di na siya nag oonline. Akala ko siya na because he was very sweet. =( Pinagusapan pa namin yung pagpunta niya rito sa Pinas. Hay! Crazy love ito. =(

Looking For The Source said...

<< mugen >>

hay naku. bakit pa kasi ngyari! choz.. thanks!

<< mink >>

thanks. yeah. sana everything will be alright. in short, "NEXT!"

<< ian >>

naku, mapupuno na yata experience ko.. choz.. anung level na ba ha..
tama.. KAWALAN NYA! choz... thanks!

<< erin >>

kainis nu. badtrip tlga... thanks!

Looking For The Source said...


yung background music pa eh..

YOU HAD ME... Joss Stone..

you had me, you lost me..

i dont want you here, messing with my mind..

Looking For The Source said...


Busy talaga? E pucha nagagawa nyang magpost sa threads sa G4M! Fuck tlga!

erin de la cruz said...

OMGOSH! Byola ba siya? Hahaha! Anyway, uhm, pano ko ba ito sasabihin? I know it's cliche but hey it's the truth. Marami pa riyang men who are far BETTER than that guy. So what kung masarap siya sa kama?! Kung ganun naman ugali niya. =( Award di ba?

chyng said...

it still happens pa pala when i thought everyone is ngpapanic-buying na to have a serious relationship. sayang.. well dear, let go! (--,)

Yffar said...

forget about him...

tama na..


mahirap masaktan lalo..

Looking For The Source said...


goodbye... bitch!


Aris said...

oh my gosh, i can relate. nangyari na sa akin ito. i know the feeling. kabwisit, kainis!

ken'ichii said...

time & prayers will only be the solution.... Pain is a gift! remeber that...

Looking For The Source said...

<< aris >>

kainis tlga nu? argh! thanks sa pag-visit!

<< ken'chii >>

thanks!! thanks sa advice!

enegue said...

hmm, you'll forget about this when you find someone else:)

classic mga linya niya ha hehe

hope you're feeling better now.

Looking For The Source said...

<< eugene >>

sino kaya ung someone else...


joaqui_miguel said...

I like that Joss Stone song. :) Sounds sayang but he also seemed to be kind of a jerk, so after all baka hindi naman syang talaga. :)