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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Ten..

Top 10 Signs your date isn't going and didn't go well...

1. He / She keeps looking at his / her cellphone.. Your date is probably texting another one. Or perhaps he/she is conjuring up a plan to have someone call you for an emergency - thus, the sweet escape.

2. He / she keeps staring at other guys / girls. Trying to spot an alternative. He / she may have wasted his / her time on you, but once he / she got an eye on an interesting one, then going on a date with you isn't really a waste of time after all..

3. He / she will never look straight into your eyes. Random, wordless eye-to-eye contact will never happen. He / she maybe looking straight into your eyes while you are in a conversation, but that's just it. Out of courtesy.

4. He / she will never be hungry. He / she will never be interested in any possible activity you wanted to do (not unless he / she's horny). In short, he / she will disguise himself / herself as the epitome of the most boring person you will ever meet.

5. He / she listens to his / her mp3 player at all times possible. He / she will only remove his / her earphones once you start speaking, and will put back the headphones once your done with your conversation.

6. He / she will always have short answers. Will never expound into any topic you open. Will never share anything about himself / herself. Will be the disguised listener who pretends to listen but at the his / her mind is never interested in whatever you have to say.

7. He / she will never walk close to you. This is to show others that you are not on a date with him / her, or at most, you don't know him / her. Playing safe for other possible targets is simply their game.

8. He / she will always look at his / her watch. Will always ask what time is it. Will always be curious about the time. If he or she has been asking you the time for a couple of times 15-30 minutes after you met, then you should know...

9. He / she will have the best lame excuses just to finish your date. May it be true or not. May it be something about his / her family, something from his / her job, his / her friends. He / she just wants to finish your date.

10. And finally, he / she will disappear like a someone you have never met. Will never get a message from him / her. Will never contact you. Will think and live-up like the date never happened or perhaps he / she had never made contact with you.


wanderingcommuter said...

hey its been a while... hahaha...

this made my day....hahaha

Chyng said...

Obvious! He's just not that into you! :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing I don't date!

Looking For The Source said...

@wanderingcommuter... yeah. its been awhile. andaming nagbago! im glad this post made your day..

@chyng.. yeah. haha. get rid of him before he gets rid of you!

@katcarneo.. oh really? ever since?