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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Next Emily... That's All

twenty days after writing my first post for this year, here i am back. still the old me. for the past 20 days i became the short time workaholic. doing overtimes. working for the holidays. and working more than what is expected from me. i haven't gone out with any friend other than my bestfriend. never drank booze. never lit a cigar. never did anything to fulfill my social needs. just plain work. not even blogging. on top of it was the bad cough and colds that i was experiencing for the last week of december and first week of january...

may kasabihan sila na pag may specific na ginagawa ka sa simula ng taon. lets say "nagtatrabaho" sa simula ng taon, eh yun na daw ang gagawin mo buong taon. eh ako? wala nmn ako sa office nung new year. pero the night of jan 1, i was in the office. hmm. so ibig sabihin pala buong taon, puro trabaho ako? waaah. although kasabihan lang sya, feeling ko at some point mangyayari sakin. wag naman sana.

start the year right. how do we start the year right? sabi ko nga dati i need to balance my work and non work activities, pero mukhang hindi. ive been telling that to myself since i started my first job but until now, feeling ko, im back to my old self. the workaholic-no-social-life life. pero hindi naman ako stressed sa work. nag-eenjoy pa nga ako pag nappressure ako eh. pag nangangarag. kasi mas gumagana ang pag-iisip ko pag ngaragan.

pero i need to take a change. cge. gow. kaya ko yan. go for work and non-work balance. goodluck sa akin.

have a happy new year!


kiel said...

balance is important, so i believe we should all strive to achieve it. gudluck!

lucas said...

i started the year without job..sana naman magkaron nako bago matapos ang taon! hehehe!

chillax ka, mate :) kaw rin. baka marami ka ng namimiss :)

God bless you.

Mugen said...

Paano ba nagsimula ang taon ko. Bonding with cousins, Talking with a bestfriend, taking a cab going to work, work, meeting the alliance for a get together. Now I wonder, would those events shape my year? Let's see.