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Friday, October 24, 2008


i thought this day would be as normal as i could possibly imagine. with the usual deliverables, calls and reports. nothing can make this different.

as i was going through what i am supposed to do... someone came and asked us to log off our PCs, take our belongings and go down. i wondered what was the order about. i noticed, everyone was packing up too. stuffing their things into their lockers and gathering on the elevator platforms. 

and so we followed. as we got into the elevator and as it went down, we were suprised to a multitude of employees waiting outisde the building. but what stood up among the crowd are the uniform clad men with the letters S-W-A-T at the back of their jackets.

just as i thought. a bomb threat. ok. so where do we go? i started looking for people. my former teammates, my batchmates and  just basically everyone i know. 

and we spent more than 3 hours of "petiks" mode. and as every agent was happy about being in this situation, i was kinda worried that my reports are piling up. and i would end up rendering OT to finish them. but hell, what can i do?

so i just sucked it up. and had fun. it was a night of bonding... like a company camp-out.. or an intercompany camp-out.

at some point, i wished there was an explosion. (well after everybody has been safely evacuated). just so as to make it more exciting. (bad bad!)

ayun lang. 

(you might have seen this in the news. gma. abs-cbn. rpn. were there. ha ha. sweet short exposure... i wasn't interviewed. never!)

(and as expected. the police always comes late...)


Chyng said...

kala ko naman fire drill!

sayang wala kang exposure! hehe

Stan™ said...

i'm looking for you!
naaning naman ako sa bomb threat na yan.

hay... buti nalang di ko pa naeexperience yan.
pero feeling ko ikaw ung ininterview!
heheheh. jok.

i miss yah!

Mugen said...

I wonder if a bomb threat would ever happen to our old and decrypt building. Hehehe.

kiel said...

you could've play-acted Nicole Kidman on Peacemaker, pretended you are a nuclear physicist,looked for the bomb yourself, and diffused it with common household items. an opportunity missed! haha!

wanderingcommuter said...

aha! alam ko na kung saan ka nagwowork... hehehe!!!

naku, sana talaga mangyari din yan sa amin anytime soon para stop ang operation kahit minsan lang!!!


Trip said...

nakita ko kanina sa news kung saan yun. kapitbahay ka lang pala. hehehe

Looking For The Source said...

@chyng... ha ha ha... un nga sabi samin eh. un pala hindi. na-expose na ako minsan. kaso di sasabihin kung saan!

@stan... welcome back! hindi ako ung nainterview. ayoko. kahiya. miss u too!

@mugen... anu number nyo jan, ako magbbomb threat! joke!

@kiel... pwede rin... kaso naisip ko ung guy na nagdala nung bomb sa grey's anatomy after it was retrieved from the man's body... and it exploded...

@wanderingcommuter... tulad ng kay mugen, ano number nyo jan? magbbomb threat din ako. nyahah..

@trip... san ka ba? CG1? CG3? o dun sa condo?