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Friday, August 8, 2008

Up In The Clouds

Been out of the blog scene for around three days now. I'm at work, trying to do my stuff, yet my throat aches, I am coughing and I am super-sleepy... And to keep myself up and running for the 8-hour period, I managed to be creative enough to keep myself busy... and that includes...

* looking at my new crush sa office. damn he's hot.
* fliritng with another guy sa text
* mag-chat ng mag-chat
* magsurf ng mga blocked sites using a proxy, magbasa ng chismis sa pep.ph and perezhilton.com
* at mangulit ng mga taong nagttroubleshoot ng computers

I was on Baguio last weekend. A friend of mine came home from Dubai and as a treat to me and our former officemates, he or I mean she, or what I mean is "he", ok, he's a she, paid for our fare and accomodation. Three days.. Two nights.. Even though JuLiaN, will be making "my" way through Luzon, we decided to continue with the trip. Its more like once in a lifetime...

Sabi nga nila, pag-pinag-usapan ang lakad hindi natutuloy. By experience, I believe in that saying. Pero, this time, even though napag-usapan, natuloy pa rin. Aba kahit ako ay parating sa Luzon, walang pakialam. Go pa rin.

We had an awesome time. And it would be boring if I'd be telling you the itinerary (yung kasama namin mahilig gumawa ng itinerary pag may ganito) that we strictly followed and the places we've been to. I know you've been there too. Hindi pa? Tara, Baguio, now!

Ha ha ha. What's cool about this is that the group that I went out with, my former officemates, know who I really am. I opened it up I think more than a year ago, and eto lang yung time na muli kaming lumabas after nung nag-open ako sa kanila.

It was a Saturday night, I suppose. Can't remember the date. But it was more than a year ago. Far earlier than the incident that I puked in Bed. We met... and went to Fluid. Straight mode pa ang Fluid non. And so we entered. Had drinks. Tapos dun kami sa taas.

I told them na may important announcement ako. We formed a circle and then..

"Alam ko alam na ni Y to. (He's the gay guy na nagtreat samin sa Baguio)"

Then I let him speak. At first hindi nagets nung isa naming kasama. Eh may pagka-engot yun. Tapos binulungan sya nung isang kasama namin.

And they all understood my announcement. No negative reactions. All was happy. Happy for me. Proud of me. And so did that party continued.

Later that night dumating yung isa pang officemate namin na guy sa Fluid, that time we decided to leave the bar na. While we were walking papunta sa haus nya para ituloy yung inuman, yung kasama naming mataba opened it to him. And he never reacted negatively. Ok lang sa kanya. Tanggap nya.

While we were on the way to Baguio, I remembered these scenes. Natutuwa ako. Masaya. Sarap ng feeling na you don't have to worry about your skeletons in the closet or I mean your luggage. Ha ha. Ang gaan sa loob.

Pag may dumadaan nga na cute guy, sinasabihan ko c Y at yung mataba naming friend eh..

"Alam mo bet ko sya!"

"Nakita mo yung naka-blue? bet ko yun?"

Saya ng feeling.

I enjoyed Baguio more.

I'm still discreet. And only a few people know, other than the Gay Community, of course. And as of now, I intend to keep it that way. Tama na muna yung konti lang nakakaalam.


joaqui_miguel said...

Friends will always accept you as you are. :)

If they don't maybe they are not even one to start with.

Chyng said...

They all just smiled dahil they already know. Hinihintay ka lang nila if you're ready mag-out or not!

Im sure you puked at BED because of Blue Frog! (it never fails, lakas ng tama nun..)

mink said...

whew, i only came out to few friends also through....

chat, thats why hindi ko alam ang facial expressions nila... ill find out sooner or later...


Looking For The Source said...

**joaqui_miguel** yeah. so true. buti pa friends... ha ha

**chyng** baka nga. ha ha. blue frog! go for more!

**mink** aw. gnun? eh baka iba na expression nila pag kaharap mo cla kasi alam n nila eh.. ha ha

Mugen said...

Nung nag-out ako sa mga barkada kong lalaki, talagang heto ang statement ko.

"I'm not straight pare."

Yun pala alam na nila yung sitwasyon ko noon pa.

erin de la cruz said...

Ooooh. Interesting to a! =)

Looking For The Source said...

**mugen** astig ung statement. ha ha..

**erin** thankie! mwah!