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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Laptop Blogs Revisited

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

3:32 AM

Get a life!! I know how you work!! I'm not gonna lose it ONE MORE TIME. You got me ONCE, you'll never get me again!!!


Hayz, I'm just inches away from another blow-out! Not the happy blow-out everybody is thinking about, but it’s the negative interpretation.

As you know, your father has read your journal and has found out that "you know" skeleton-in-the-closet thingie. And all my reasons didn’t work out. And with all due respect, I promised my dad that I'll never be what he is thinking with which I never fulfilled. He actually asked my to burn that journal, but "hell no!"

Now, he is here again. He so suspicious. When he came home from Laoag one day and I was sleeping, he woke me up just to say I'm here and he looked at my room, scrutinizing the papers here and the things there. Though I'm still sleepy as oil during those times, I still managed to look after him as he did his scrutinizing. And fortunately, he found nothing.

Then this incident happened. Today, or I mean, earlier today, I went down to watch TV and as usual, for "safety" purposes, whenever I leave my laptop, I would normally log it off and close it. I did log it off but did not close the laptop. I didn’t because I thought they were asleep. As I watched the cute Jumong do his act, I heard the sound of the screensaver (Like a burning something) and it was loud. Loud that I could hear it and loud that my dad woke up just to stare at the computer.

Hearing someone come out of the room. I immediately jumped out of my seat and went up just to realize that he was staring at the laptop trying to figure out what the sound was and what's on the screen.

I never thought that the screensaver shown was (****)'s pic ******** (super hot and super sexy - super yummy!!)

I think my father was having a hard time figuring out what the image was, partly because of the flame thingie that covers the image and changes the color, the dark colored feature of the pic, plus the angle from where he is looking at. He is looking from the top of the laptop - laptops have different colors when viewed from different sites.

With that in hand, I immediately looked at the monitor, shocked at the picture I saw (oooh sexy!) and immediately closed the laptop. And as usual my fathers scrutiny rose again. He was asking if I had a secret in there that I didn’t want him to know. I didn’t answer the question and asked if the sound creating a noise. He just said yes, went back to the room as I checked on my laptop.

I went down with my laptop and realized what I didn’t do. And reasoned out to myself that I have rights to privacy. I have the rights to have secrets from my father. I'm old enough to do so.


Mugen said...

Muntikan na. Ingat tsong.

erin de la cruz said...

Oh my god! LFTS, naalala ko tuloy yung nangyari sa akin. Hay! I was caught by my dad watching man-to-man porn. It was my first time to see him cry. Grabe! Nasaktan din ako because ako pa yung naging dahilan kung bakit siya umiyak. My god! =0 Nangyayari pala ito. Masyadong makulit din yung kamay ng tatay ko. Hahaha! Ingat na lang tayong dalawa. =)

joaqui_miguel said...

It's always harder for fathers to accept things like this as compared to mothers. prolly it's because they will always think of their boys to be like them. Somehow I am grateful that this will not happen to me but damn I miss my dad.

Chyng said...

OMG! Sumakit din yung bangs ko kahit di saken nangyare yan. Whew! Hihikain ako sayo!

Looking For The Source said...

mugen uu nga eh. salamat sa gumawa ng screens ng laptop. ha ha.

erin ha ha ha... ingat ingat..

joaqui_miguel napansin ko din. c mommy, ewan parang walang reaction or maybe ayaw n lng nyang magreact..

chyng ha ha ha.. cool lng.. easy girl..