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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Morning!

I was on my way to Trinoma one afternoon riding a trike (yes, i ride a trike - poor lang!) when I saw this larger sticker posted on a tricycle...

And I thought to myself to make this post of things that make my mornings real good...

1. Breakfast in bed. You wake up starving. And your too lazy to get up and prepare breakfast. Or perhaps, too lazy to get up to get  food. A morning breakfast in bed would be great!

2. The perfect sunlight. Although gloomy and rainy mornings are also good, as they induce more pillow-hugging, hiding-under-your-blanket, crawling into your bed action, I'd rather have the sunlight every morning. Not the almost-noon-sunlight, but the sunrise-sunlight..

3. Waking up from a perfect dream. The dream you have been daydreaming about. The dream that you wished would come true. The dream that you wished would never end. I would sometimes think this is a good morning breaker, as when you wake up, you realize that you were only "dreaming." But for things we know would be impossible to reach, dreams make perfect sense.

4. Completing the 8 hours sleep. Who would wanna wake up with less than 8 hours of sleep. Completing 8 hours of sleep for me would me 24-hour patience..

5. Waking up with the one you love. Morning kisses. Morning hugs. Morning romance. Morning sex! No. Really. Just the feeling of waking up with the one you love is just plain real good.

Next stop... my real bad morning starters... 

How bout you?


wanderingcommuter said...

so far kapag off ko lang nararamdaman ang lahat ng mga ito... and yes including the number 5 (ang yabang!) hehehe. night walker din kasi ako eh. hehehe

Chyng said...

i love 1-5 too!

plus waking up on a sweldo day!

magandang araw nga yan!

Niel Camhalla said...

2 and 3 you get by chance, the rest you can get by choice.

Mugen said...

1. Waking up from an 8-hour sleep when it is still dark and the air is still cold and damp.

2. Waking up only to hug someone next to you.

3. Waking up from a "sunset in high places" dream.

4. Waking up only to find out that a global-scale changes is happening in the other side of the planet.

5. Waking up on your day off. Hehe.

joaqui_miguel said...

Number 5 is so cheesy. I almost puked. Joke. hehehe :)

@wanderingcommuter: Wow. Good for you!

kiel said...

gusto ko lahat yan. dagdag ko lang... waking up realising you don't have to work that day!