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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buksan Mo!

I read this quote in one of the blogs I stumbled on..

you know something's wrong,

when after a long hiatus,

you start blogging again.

I wanted to believe there's really something wrong with me that made me go back to blogging... But then I tend to think I've never changed. I've only grown a year older.

Yes. You read it right. I'm a year older. Hopefully, as the years pass along my veins, arteries and nerves, I become stronger and better. That even if I have realized that love is something I shouldn't believe in, I'll always have reason to live and pursue whatever I want to happen in my life.

As I was making the picture above to thank all the people who either have been notified by their Facebook Calendars, by groups messages received from others and those who really remembered my birthday, I saw this ad from coke - simple words - yet really inspiring and convincing.. read on...

Ibuhos ang saya hanggang lahat ay mahawa

Buksan ang sarili. Wag pigilin ang tawta

Hatakin ang barkada. Game kahit saan mapunta

Bagong trip, ba't di subukan? Sama ka, 'wag magpaiwan

Kilalanin ang kapitbahay. Batiin ang kaaway

Pag nadapa, bangon lang. Pag may tumawa, bow na lang.

Kung manalo, eh di masaya. Kung matalo, may next time pa.

Kung mahal mo, pakita mo. Walang mawawala sayo.

Pangarap, wag bitawan. Malay mo. Subok lang.

Sama-sama. Salu-salo. Buhay Coke, Buksan mo!

Simple statements I will live by as another book opens for me to write on.

Life's a game. Play on. Play it hard. Play it well!

-seaN j @ 26


Tristan Tan said...

Welcome back and happy birthday! :)

lucas said...

belated happy birthday!

kiel estrella said...

belated. keep on blogging for whatever reason. yun lang

Looking For The Source said...

Thanks Tristan, Lucas and Kiel!!

I will keep on blogging. I have a lot of reasons na too blog.